Why I Call Black History Month AMERICAN History Month

by Nadra Enzi, Contributing Writer

Casting my eyes back to the segregated world which produced Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History Week – precursor to Black History Month, I wonder yet again about its relevance.

If we need ethnic cheerleading at this late date of 2015, then surely we’ve overlooked epic progress from late last century. If it’s overarching concern is reminding the rest of America about our contributions, my statement about overlooking epic late 20th century progress still applies.

I know my ethnicity and am aware others percieve it too, either by joy expressed as one of the few “year-round suntans” at conservative events to visible apprehension some pedestrians demonstrate while walking toward me on a dark sidewalk. My color only runs skin deep. It tells you nothing about my character nor philosophy. It’s a vantage point for intimately understanding an imposed collective experience, not a value unto itself. As a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, I sometimes offer dispatches informed by this experience. Other submissions address issues of concern to conservatives without thought about the status of their suntans. This site thoughtfully explores challenges facing people who promote indiuidualism. As such, it is a logical-and cherished-place for me to share thoughts with like-minded folks.

Liberty is at once too broad and too intimate to reduce to being the exclusive province of one self-appointed elite. Our nation has a cast of characters from colonists, captives, confederates and abolitionists who gave all in pursuit of this concept. If anything, February’s Black History Month could be renamed, American History Month, since we are woven into every strand of the national fabric – instead of sewn separate from it.

Looking forward from the segregation which produced what is now known as Black History Month, I see no need to resegregate myself. As a strand of the national fabric, year-round suntan and all, I still see February as American History Month. American history is OUR history and our history is AMERICAN history!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit  and anti-crime activist.

#CAP BLACK IS HERE! is his blog: http://www.capblackishere.blogspot.com

‘The Jeb Bush Doctrine’ for Solving Illegal Immigration Problem … and Everything Else?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer    

Jeb Bush has solved the immigration problem once and for all and has done so without offending anyone. The man is a genius! 

According to. . .


. . .and other news sources. . . 

He [Jeb Bush] said that 40 percent of the current illegal immigrant population in the United States ended up here by overstaying visas, and that the government should locate them and “politely ask them to leave.” [End quote] 

Why did no one think of that before? Politely ask them to leave. This ingenious approach could be used to solve all kinds of problems.

After all the illegal aliens politely leave the United States, we should next turn our attention to terrorism. Jeb Bush could ask the terrorists, politely of course, to please stop massacring and beheading innocent men, women and children. Think of the lives that would be saved. 

Then, he could ask the Russians to please, ‘oh pretty please, leave Ukraine.’ Next:  ‘Dear Kim Jong Un (dictator of North Korea – oops, sorry, leader of North Korea) please stop hacking into our websites, and while you’re at it, how about politely stop starving your people to death?’ 

There might be no end to the possibilities. ‘IRS, please tell the truth about whatever it might be that Lois Lerner refuses to testify about.’ ‘Eric Holder, would you mind please telling us about your criminal activities (oops, that is to say, undocumented activities) regarding your role in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans by drug lords whom you armed?’ 

After you’ve done all this, Jeb, then you might finally be ready to solve the world’s most pressing problem, the one that keeps billions of people awake every night— global warming. Could you please ask the sun to ‘cool it?’ 

One more thing. The next time that anyone in the GOP disparages Sarah Palin for saying silly things, could you please, politely of course . . .

Are You a Conservative Entry on “a Government List”

by Cap Black

Last year, I suffered a one-day delay on a firearm purchase because my name was “mistakenly” confused with that of a domestic violence offender. On Monday, MLK Day no less, a measly MoneyGram transaction for a pittance was on hold several hours because I was “mistaken” for someone on a terrorist watch list! Need I add that I’m not a criminal nor a terrorist!

Does 20 years of in-your-face safety rights advocacy mean anything?This stinks of political payback for the heresy of being creatively conservative (while Black, no less, lol) and questioning the smiling bigotry of New Orleans anti-safety leader, Mayor Mitch Landrieu. If this has happened to you, please share your story with The Bold Pursuit. It shouldn’t be a crime to proudly promote traditional values!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy subjects and an anti crime activist. #Cap Black Is Here! is his blog http://www.capblackishere.blogspot.com

Character Has No Color

by Cap Black, Contributing Writer

Obviously the title paraphrases Dr. King’s timeless, often quoted desire for his now grown children. It also underscores the growing gulf between liberalism’s former advocacy of individual rights, a color-blind proposition, to currently being so color-bound that it threatens legitimate racial progress with each enabled riot or applauded act of anti-police violence. Color-bound thought excuses single parent homes as launch pads for crime while ignoring inner city gangs and knockout attacks committed by a literal saggy-pants lynch mob all because said threat happens to be black. Were the reverse true today’s left would writhe in the policy version of convulsions!

While liberal color-blindness of the past hefted the bar of societal expectation toward American blacks, today’s shrill (Al) Sharptonian liberalism lowers it with a resounding thud, threatening to split moral high ground of yesteryear. Now, instead of exemplars like Rosa Parks or martyrs akin to Emmett Till, we see a profane parade of slain aggressors and destructive demonstrators with no apparent end in sight. It remains to be seen whether M.L.K. Day 2015 will be a circus for color-bound crime apologists and their carping choir.

I have to cite the once-unthinkable, will this occasion be marred by targeting police or, I suspect coming next, spokespersons against color-boundness? Look at the last quarter of 2014 to gauge if my concerns are legitimate. Violent proponents of color-boundness slapped America’s face last year. Dare we turn the other cheek for 2015’s impending blow? Character truly has no color, but it seems this January may well be colored by hateful tones tragically devoid of personal responsibility, which is the fertile crescent of character. Regardless of dire considerations, Happy M.L.K. Day 2015!

Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy topics and street patrolling anti-crime activist declaring, “2015 is the Year of Safety Rights!” Cap Black Is Here! is his blog, http://www.capblackishere

Why My Best Friends Are Not Moslems

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In the early 1980s, while in the military, I made the first of several short visits to Saudi Arabia.

I had been to other foreign countries before. In some of them, for example Canada and Britain, I was quite comfortable. Others, for example Korea and Japan, were alien and exotic.

Saudi Arabia, however, was in a separate category. It was not merely foreign, but more than that, I remember feeling almost as if I were on another planet. Not only the language, but the customs, the clothing, the sight of women covered head to toe—all of these were more than merely strange, they were in a way, threatening. Walking the streets of Riyadh could be a perilous undertaking, given the unpredictable propensity of the self-appointed religious police to snatch people off the street, take them to hidden locations, and treat them brutally, all without ever notifying any embassy of their whereabouts.

By contrast, I noticed that most of the Arabs I encountered seemed friendly and accommodating. Probably, few of them knew that I was an American, and I did not volunteer the information, but in general, I was well treated. Even so, I always felt ill at ease when surrounded.

I’m not the only one who felt that the people of Saudi Arabia were alien and subtly threatening. The Saudi Arabians themselves indicated that they shared that feeling about their own country. I say that, because as the airplane that took me there entered Saudi airspace, the Arab women on the plane, those who wore western style clothing, quickly donned headscarves before the plane landed. They, too, knew that they were entering a world apart from the world.

That fact was underscored for me when, going through customs, one of the books in my luggage was confiscated, simply because it had a picture of Buddha on the cover. After a lifetime in the shelter of the First Amendment, I was not prepared for the sense of outrage I felt, but fortunately, I did not express it, otherwise I might have been taken to one of those hidden locations. Decades later, the resentment of that confiscation still annoys me. If you’ve never experienced it, you won’t understand.

Here in the United States, I cannot truly say that any of my best friends are Moslems. It seems that non-Moslems hardly ever get to know Moslems on a personal level. Encounters may be cordial, but they are always beyond arms length, and confined to business transactions.

Here in the United States how does one express an honest opinion about Moslems? Ask Juan Williams, the liberal Fox News commentator, who was summarily fired from PBS for making an innocuous statement, one that expresses the discomfort that millions of Americans have felt, when boarding an airplane with people who are dressed in Arab garb, especially when they do not get the same pat-down treatment that we get.

More than most immigrant populations, Moslems tend to be self-segregating. Moreover, this self-segregation does not arise from shyness, but from hostility. We are, after all, the infidels. We eat pork. Our women dress, according to many Moslems, immodestly in public. We are the Great Satan.

We are all aware that many Moslem immigrants to the US are not Islamist radicals, but can we ever be sure whether they secretly sympathize with the violent extremists? On nine-eleven, as the twin towers collapsed killing thousands of Americans, I heard a Moslem mutter aloud, something to the effect that America was getting what it deserved. I was in a hospital waiting room. The Moslem was a doctor at the hospital.

All these many experiences, and more, my own and those of others, foment suspicion and distrust, the kind that cannot be remedied by a conference or a press release from CAIR, nor even from sensitivity indoctrination.

I would like few things better than to live in a world where there is no Islamic violence, where there are no “Moslem zones” in Dearborn Michigan, zones where non-Moslems need feel the same fear as on the streets of Riyadh.

It seems to me that Americans have been vastly more accommodating to Moslems than Moslems in America are to us. If the suspicion and distrust are ever to be remedied, that must change.

I’m An Individual NOT A Color!

by Cap Black

Anyone with eyes can see that I’m a dark Black man. That and a couple dollars might buy you a cup of coffee at a trendy shop. Two terms of Obama-inflamed identity politics makes me reassert a lifelong commitment to individualism. I’m not a one-size-fits-all person. The fact I voted contrary to 96% of my ethnicity in the last two presidential elections is one of many proofs.

The lemmings of liberalism marching off the cliff aren’t made cuter because many share my hue. Old school groupthink falls short of meeting the mark in a 21st Century America.

My robotically marching in a “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!” protest means downloading a mass delusion overlooking who is really shooting American Blacks with abandon. Some salivate over George Zimmerman’s latest arrest but can’t muster outrage over today’s death toll by “George Brotherman” much closer to home! As Martin Luther King Day nears, it’s once again worth stating that I’m an individual, not a color. Were I merely a color given human form, I wouldn’t write for this site because its owner and fellow contributors would have been dismissed as the enemy color, instead of individuals sharing the same values.

Dismissing Americans as enemies because their skin is lighter would leave me all the poorer in terms of my individualism. Look at the ethical poverty of racial collectivism and it’s all too clear why I’m an individual, not a color. Doesn’t mean I don’t know I’m Black. It means I know I’m ‘me’ and individualism, like traditional values, is infinitely more than skin deep.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy topics and an anti-crime activist. Cap Black Is Here! is his blog, http://www.capblackishere.wordpress.com

Is the dollar really getting stronger?

by Don Hank

You’ve probably heard that the dollar is getting stronger against other currencies these days. Short-sighted investors are pretending this means that the USD will never fall as long as they walk the earth.

They look at this short-term growth in the dollar against other deeply troubled currencies and crow that the good old USA is as sound economically as ever. Further, they bad mouth perceptive deep economic analysts like Tyler Durden, for example, calling them every foul name in the book, but – aside from supplying short term charts and out-of-date commentaries – without providing a single fact to prove that those analysts are wrong. To top it off, many of them cheekily call themselves ‘conservatives’ and quote other establishment conservatives-in-name-only to prove their points. This creates the mistaken but indelible impression among some thinking people that conservatives are hopelessly naïve. Yet deep analysts are edged out of the field and forced to publish their own commentaries on the web. In this regard, these dollar bulls are the spitting image of the Russophobes, who also practice desperate ad hominem attacks with a breath taking lack of logic, facts and gray matter. I often wonder what would happen if they had to deal with a populace having as much understanding of macroeconomics as they have of household budgets – an understanding matching their chronological age – instead of a gaggle of silly teenagers in adult bodies.

There is an unwritten rule in the West that as long as no one notices that the emperor is naked, then he is not. Woe unto anyone who dares suggest otherwise, for there is an unwritten ban on speaking negatively about the US economy.

What these poor souls forget, and want us to forget, is that the dollar is only getting strong against other ‘Western’ currencies (I use quotes there as I am including the Japanese yen in that, Japan being clearly within the US sphere of influence).

There is a bullet train headed right for the USD bull market and its initials are RMB (renminbi, or the yuan). You might want to get off the track. Either that or get on track number CNY (Forex ticker name for Chinese yuan).

This is what Bloomberg says about this trend:

“The average Chinese Yuan conversion rate over the last 12 months was 6.15. The average rate over the last 10 years was 7.01. A lower Chinese Yuan to US Dollars exchange rate over the last 12 months compared to the average currency rates over the last 10 years serve as an indicator that the long term rate trend in CNY/USD is down (weakening US Dollar against the Chinese

Did you get that? The dollar is weakening against a currency in a country that does not play Ponzi games with its currency. Or in other words, a country that is run by adults. So why is the US dollar so strong against the euro, for example? If you need to ask, you will not pass Economics 101, but here ya go in case you need it.

Answer: The US-imposed sanctions against Russia and their fallout, including Russia’s own sanctions against the EU. For example, I was reading several months ago on a Greek site that the Greeks are suffering heavy economic losses because Russia is no longer buying their fruit. Of course, if Greece were to drop out of the euro zone, that would bring back their Russian clientele and pretty much fix everything else for them (although not enough Greeks seem to have thought of that option yet or want to stay on what they perceive as a potential gravy train).

Now, as you also may realize, leftwing political party Syriza is gaining ground among Greeks and is anti-austerity. That is very close to being anti-EU and it is a sign that, while the Greeks may not be ready to exit the EU (so-called Grexit), they are tired of taking orders from Brussels to be poor and like it. If Greece wakes up and notices that the anti-Russia sanctions are cutting considerably into their GDP, and that exiting the EU and defaulting on their debt would give them some much-needed breathing room, we could see a revolt, which would in turn trigger revolts EU-wide, ultimately driving the last nail in the EU coffin.

The problem is, the EU probably can ill afford to make all the anti-austerity parties in Europe happy enough to keep them from going over the edge. They are already extended to the max. Besides, if the EU Masters ease up on Greek austerity, then they must do the same for others. At some point they would be reliant on the lender of last resort, China. However, China would want a serious quid pro quo, quite likely the end of anti-Russian sanctions … But I digress. My thesis in this commentary is that the optimism over the dollar’s apparent strengthening as against Western currencies is justified only if we ignore the Chinese yuan, the only serious challenger and of course, the one no one is watching.

As I pointed out before, based in large part on my translation of an absolutely seminal interview with China’s top monetary policy expert Chen Yulu, the USD is falling against the RMB simply because China has a real economy based on diversified manufactured goods and service offerings, while the US is a debt-based economy whose government has long been unable to pay its bills out of receipts, resorting instead to rampant issuance of dizzying amounts of dollars. The key fact here is that other Western powers are using the same failed strategy of borrowing and printing as opposed to spending real receipts, and worse, they are devout Keynesians who believe as a matter of faith that you can stimulate your sick economy well. It’s for all the world like a drug addict who believes that stimulants provide energy, not realizing that energy can only come from foods, and that stimulants only induce the body to utilize this energy. (By way of reference, there is not one calorie in caffeine).

In a nutshell, the EU top-deceivers and their accomplices in national governments are not about to disengage with the US, no matter how much Washington and its decepto-crats abuse them.

But below this rarefied stratus of bureaucracy is a seething mass of real people who are increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo. The increasingly roiling discontent is obvious in the Greek Syriza, the Freedom Party in Holland, the UK Party UKIP, Marine LePen’s Front National, and in lesser parties scattered around Europe, and the issues are much more complex than simple economics – including as they do the impression of an increasingly unwelcome Islamization or the potential addition of another Greece-like basket case to the collection of misfits. The most popular parties in the rich North are now anti-EU, and that is scarier for the Brussels bureaucrats than the anti-austerity sentiment in the South, although taken together, they could easily be fatal.

No matter where you look the EU is under heavy fire and seems headed for collapse.

So here is my point: if analysts can make the US economy look good only by comparing it to the above described certified European losers, what does that tell you about the dollar? We would do well to call off the dogs of cold economic warfare before Russia and its BRICS allies decide to walk away from us once and for all and Europe decides to follow them, leaving the US high and dry.

“Encirclement” will have come full circle.