Violent Crime: The New Civil Right?

by Cap Black

Whether or not one considered Michael Brown or Eric Garner victims of racist policing, it’s clear that Antonio Martin, killed last Tuesday after aiming a pistol at a Berkley, Missouri police officer, was a victimizer – not a victim.

What’s even more clear is that protesters there are attacking cops and looting despite video showing Martin aiming at the officer. It’s not over-statement to conclude they’re protesting for the horrific right to commit violent crime, even in a majority black town led and policed by said majority. The chocolate klan mindset, enabled by liberals who should know better, is now demanding society not defend itself against their aggression. This is the frightening end result of not holding inner city thugs responsible for their actions. To their credit, Berkley-area authorities arrested some of the mob as they attacked officers and even threw improvised explosives. The civil right to commit violent crime has leapt past a mere leftist excuse making it into a de facto entitlement unless society, literally, beats it back! Otherwise, every officer-involved shooting becomes a prequel to rioting until the final line is crossed and innocents eventually die.

Because Michael Brown rioters were allowed a victory by destroying Ferguson’s business district, the civil right of violent crime has been all but enshrined as an urban norm to which hostages (that’s us, lol) must submit. This development holds catastrophic potential if one considers chronic inner city decline made even worse by two terms of president obama. The proverbial powder keg which is the hood, dampened by decades-long excuses, now erupts drenched in the jet fuel of official absolution and Al Sharpton’s anger. We face those demanding violent crime, individually or by mobs, now be considered a literal right which police and hostages must submit?

Violent crime is no more a civil right for today’s chocolate klansman than it was for white ones from yesteryear. Why are we who know better so silent?

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit, a security writer on touchy topics and an anti-crime activist. Cap Black is here! His his blog:

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