“Crime as Activism” – The New ‘Civil’ Rights Movement

by Cap Black

Since the heyday of the Occupy Wall Street franchise, mostly-white liberal trespassing, property damage and assault became de facto 21st century civil rights activism. Not to be outdone, this unchallenged fringe united with black thugs to take integrated crime-as-activism up several dangerous notches.

A devastated Missouri business district and marches presciently demanding dead cops while disrupting business operations nationally served notice that liberal leaders on high would continue sitting on their hands. Spurred on by inaction and indulgence, this riotous rainbow coalition devolves to new, now lethal, lows.

America’s approaching a crossroads where this latest incarnation of crime-as-activism threatens to racially polarize us worse than schisms inflicted by the Rodney King riots, the O. J. Simpson verdict and the George Zimmerman acquittal. If rioters and violent protesters are given a pass to intimidate, wreak havoc and chant ‘police death’ as political misstatements, should citizen-hostages figuratively counter-protest by privately securing people and property local government chose to leave unguarded?

In the spreading shadow of crime-as-activism, hostages must motivate impotent government in these scenarios to do its basic job, which is providing public safety. Perhaps security-as-activism is the reminder needed to finally rein in rioters and violent protesters?

It’s up to us to make 2015 a safer, saner year.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a Contributor to The Bold Pursuit and an anti-crime activist.


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