Merry Christmas?

by Cap Black, Contributing Writer

This is the Nazarene symbol Islamists thought would be a badge of shame (and a mark for ritual death) targeting Arab Christians! Instead, it’s become a symbol to Christians worldwide, Jews and righteous others who oppose genocidal religious bigotry!

Against this back drop, aggravated by the treasonous lunacy of US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s hatchet job report on CIA enhanced interrogation techniques and compounded by the recent death of a hostage taking, jihadi Iranian in Australia, I wonder just how merry Christmas 2014 will be?

Far more than gift giving and random acts of kindness is the recognition that all we hold dear is held hostage by savages and sympathizers who feel Americans don’t deserve to be merry about anything!

Love each other this December 25th; cling tightly and resolve to defend them and America as your extended family, in the face of an enemy who isn’t merry or merciful.

So this Christmas, I have a question mark in mind as to how merry it will ultimately be.​

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit and an anti-crime activist in New Orleans.

One thought on “Merry Christmas?

  1. We will try again, harder this time, to have a Merry Christmas… We won't forget the victims of these barbarians and the author of this post will wish for the terrorists to be wiped out of the face of this beautiful Earth ; as for their enablers may they be severely punished when they can finally be arrested ! Standing with Israel and the Christians of the Middle East…

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