The Imaginary Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Mark Levin recently addressed the annual conference of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), urging them to use their very real power to rescue the nation from what he calls an “ongoing constitutional convention.”

What did he mean by that? Are these just empty words?

The words, “runaway constitutional convention” have been used to frighten people into believing that a constitutional convention would result in unpredictable, radical and dangerous changes to how we govern our nation.

Levin points out that the federal government in Washington DC is, in fact, doing exactly what only a Convention of the States can prevent: a usurpation of power in the hands of the few. The de facto and illegal constitutional convention, without any state legislatures being allowed in the door, is already doing all the damage that can be done.

Levin points out that a convention of the states requires two-thirds of the states to convene it and three fourths of the state legislatures to ratify it. There is no way that three fourths of the state legislatures will ratify amendments that would undermine the founding principles of our nation. On the contrary, a few people in Washington DChave in fact been rampaging through the Constitution, defeating its founding principles, while the Republican Party cowers in fear, terrified of a so-called government shutdown that affects only a minuscule portion of the public.

The United States Constitution gives to the states—to the states, not the federal government—all and any powers not specifically given to the federal government. Yet, somehow, as Levin points out, the federal government has rendered the states absolutely powerless on any subject that the federal government dictates to the states. This is exactly the opposite of what the Constitution clearly specifies.

A convention of the states can pass a balanced budget amendment. It can rein in the powers of unelected bureaucrats. It can enforce the Tenth Amendment. It can reserve to the states and to the people those powers not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. The powers reserved to the federal government are few and limited, as the Founders intended.

As Levin says, every remedy has already been tried except the convention of the states. Matters have grown steadily worse. Only one practical and constitutional remedy remains, and that is a convention of the states.

The federal government is already the runaway constitutional convention that they are warning us to avoid.

Only the state legislatures hold the power to restore the nation. They have that power. They need but the will to use it.

A video of Levin’s speech is at
and at

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