Don’t Hate America – Great America!

by Cap Black ~ Exclusive to The Bold Pursuit

As flames, real and rhetorical, sweep across America in the wake of developments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, it’s high time to demand we don’t hate America, we great America?
Far from a catchy phrase, it’s an action affirmation to have us would-hostages to a riotous Left counter-attack culturally with the secular good news that America isn’t a racist regime sending cops out to hunt down Black men.
Peek at this picture, my American sisters and brothers,

this skin tone didn’t result from a tanning salon! ( lol ) I grew up nearly 50 years ago under Jim Crow-lite and know firsthand the very real and lasting progress this country has made in so-called race relations.
America Is Run By Campus Revolutionaries is my recent video summing up the civilization-ending temper tantrum of overgrown adolescent progressives! When I say, ” Don’t hate America! Great America!, ” I’m simply saying it’s time for the adults of country to step up and stop the immaturity which threatens to destroy all we hold dear.
The Left fills our streets with a rainbow coalition of rampaging radicals whose only purpose is to tear down this society!
Those Americans who agree with me must reply, ” Don’t hate America! Great America! ” in word, deed and especially as we sped toward the 2016 presidential elections, politically!
The enemy is counting on you being too scared to stand up!
I’m counting on you, while typing this post on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ( Dec 7th. 2014 ), to stand up to these latest attacks on our values!
Don’t hate America! Great America!
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a contributor to The Bold Pursuit; an anti crime activist in New Orleans and blogger at #Cap Black Is Here!

One thought on “Don’t Hate America – Great America!

  1. At first I looked at the title and went huh??? "Great America" can throw one off track. A person would be inclined to say, where's the rest of his title? I'll have to go back and watch America is run by Campus Revolutionaries. Not to certain if the title refers to the baby boomers who were part of the flower-power crowd, make love, not war crowd of the 1960's. In regards to those referred to as "the adults of the country" are these the descendants of the Silent Majority during the Nixon administration and later on the Moral Majority which was often associated with the late Reverend Jerry Falwell? For the record I had to ask. "Great America" has to own up to its shortcomings. I do not believe the politicians are up to the task. The millennials are going to be the ones. Right now they are in the streets, soon they will be in the suites.

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