Are Black People Racists?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

An often quoted statistic is that about ninety-five percent of the black vote went for Barack Obama.  It did.  Had the statistic been more like fifty-fifty, Obama would likely not be president today.  Does Obama owe his position to black racism?

One way to approach this question is to ask this:  had Clarence Thomas been the 
Republican nominee, would he have gotten half the black vote?  The probable answer is no.  Even against a white Democrat, Thomas likely would not have gotten even ten percent of the black vote.

The main factor in getting the black vote, then, is not race.  Undoubtedly it plays a role, especially in generating enthusiasm which translates into people going to the voting booth.  The main factor, however, is liberal politics.

A little personal background is in order here.  While I do not claim that, “some of my best friends are black people,” I did serve twenty years in an integrated military, complete with commanders of all races, and complete with barracks populated by all races.  After the military, I went to school in a university where most of the professors were liberal, and which was decidedly integrated racially.  I am a libertarian-leaning conservative, a Ronald Reagan admirer, and also a great admirer of Martin Luther King.  I am very well accustomed to, and comfortable with, being in close company with black Americans.  And to be completely factual, along the way, many of my closest friends were indeed black Americans, even if many white racists claim the same thing.

Despite all this, I usually find it difficult to discuss race and politics, especially racial politics, with black people.  I find myself choosing my words carefully, well aware that a casual, thoughtless comment can quickly put up a brick wall instead of a bridge.

This is not, however, because of race.  Race adds an element of tension, because the initial suspicion of black people whom I meet is that I am using “code words,” that I am a closet racist, that I have a hidden agenda, and so forth.  Even when we get past all this, however, there is still a wide gap between our respective worldviews.  That gap is not racial, it is cultural and political.

We agree on many things.  Most black people whom I meet these days are opposed to abortion-on-demand, and most are opposed to the mainstreaming of homosexuality into our institutions.  We agree that racial discrimination is a poison to society.  We even agree that the epidemic of out-of-wedlock births is harmful to the children involved, and that a disproportionately large amount of this occurs among black people.

Where we disagree most strongly is in my contention that the Democrat Party benefits from the poverty of black people, and that therefore, the Democrat Party has a vested interest in perpetuating it.

Or do we?  What is most vexing to me is that even among black people who agree (or can be persuaded to agree) that this is a fact, most of them continue to profess loyalty to the Democrat Party.  Old habits die hard.

Part of this arises from belief, among liberals, in the myth that Republicans are the party of the rich. I wish we were (grin), because while I am not living on beans and rice, I am most decidedly very far from being rich, or anything like it.

The other myth is that wealthy people accrue their wealth through greed and dishonesty.  Very little attention is paid to the fact that a great many liberal politicians are rich, greedy and dishonest, and that these are connected to their politics.  Even less attention is paid to the truism that the best social program is a job, and that the best way to lift Americans out of poverty is with an intact, two-parent family.  Yet, when people such as the liberal black actor, Bill Cosby, point out the desperate need for such families, they are vilified and shunned by their fellow liberals.

Hand it to the Democrats, their false propaganda has been skillfully deployed for more than a generation now.  They have enlisted the invaluable loyalty of celebrities, news outlets, and the teaching profession.  The success of this program has been so thorough and so far reaching that, like a sort of societal tattoo, it is deeply embedded in the psyche of many Americans, and just like a tattoo, is exceedingly difficult to remove.

For all these reasons, I am very pessimistic about the near-term prospects for redirecting American society toward more productive policies, and away from the destruction wrought by liberalism.  I dread to think that things will get worse before they get better, and I say this as a grandfather fearful for my grandchildren.

As conservatives, we must be extremely careful not to waste our precious few resources in the grim battle to restore America to its vital principles.  We must choose our battles carefully.  We must not waste our arguments on inconsequential points to be made in the public discussion.

One of those frivolous points is to claim that black Americans support Obama only because of his race.  They don’t.  Racial politics may animate their loyalty to him, but there will never be a conservative black candidate who can benefit from this imaginary black racism.

The real problem is liberalism.  The real difficulty is in persuading people that the so-called “free things” they are getting from the government are not free at all, but are leading them along the path to destruction.  An even more difficult problem is that, even when we do persuade people of that, they are loath to exchange the false security of big government for the risky and dangerous way of life called freedom.

I don’t have an answer for that.

Satire “We Held These Truths to be Self-Evident” a few hundred years ago…” (reposted, 2009)

Future address by Barack Hussein Obama … (Hypothetical)

by Clio

“We Held These Truths to be Self-Evident” a few hundred years ago…

My fellow citizens, today I want to discuss a sensitive, but vastly overdue issue regarding the celebrated paperwork which gave a few power hungry individuals the right, in their minds, to overthrow a genial government and entrench themselves firmly in this place we call “America.”

The intellect and zeal of this country’s “Founding Fathers” was the driving force when the rebellious Colonies, in a rude and ungrateful manner, sought to sever ties with their homeland and a beloved King and his Parliament. King George, who was, as we all will agree, right in his opinion that the government must tax the people to make them feel included in their government, a fair and tolerant leader.

It is important to remember that our nation’s first “leaders” acted illegally to create a new world order on the shores of a country that was, before the arrival of a few land-grabbing and disease-ridden white people, the rightful home of peaceful and generous Native Americans.

The “pilgrims,” more aptly called belligerent ex-pats, disembarked on these shores still clinging to their muskets and whining about “freedom of religion.” Their humble indigenous hosts shared the wealth of their bounty to keep these malcontents from starving through their first season on foreign soil. The pilgrims showed their appreciation by introducing the Indians to the business end of a musket and infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases. I’m certain that if those innocent Indians had any idea of how their hospitality would be repaid, they would have told the Pilgrims to go get “stuffed” – like a turkey.

After many years, the interlopers from Great Britain were able to thoroughly ensconce themselves on this land, arrogantly laid claim to it and went about decimating many tribes of native people. The British government sought to control these unruly trespassers by establishing a governing body to oversee the collection of taxes and administer the rule of law. However, the desire of corrupt colonials for domination and control was overwhelming; thus began the riots and eventual revolt.

As you know, the violent deeds of the Rebellion were legitimized by the so-called “Declaration of Independence” – a manuscript penned by rebels that gave license to their sympathizers to do great harm to any who stood in the way of their “cause.”

One must acknowledge the enduring impact of the so-called “Founding Fathers” and their propaganda. Even today, the indoctrination of adoration of their antique rules and regulations is taught to society’s most impressionable and innocent citizens: our children. Mere toddlers are coerced into memorizing and pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth which features bright red stripes – symbolic of the blood the trespassers freely and proudly shed in order to evict our benevolent British governance, as well as virtually annihilate the native inhabitants and rightful owners of this territory.

Every year on July 4th, Americans glamorize the terrorist bombings that took place during the upheaval of the presiding government by setting off elegant displays of fireworks. Those ancient acts of violence are further trumpeted in an awkwardly phrased composition, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This anthem commemorates those riots and pays tribute to the survival of the flag, that blood-drenched rag and the chosen emblem of the new nation.

The acts of brutality and entitlement that we glorify in song and vows are almost without equal; history remembers few individuals with such a brazen gluttony for power. Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun would have been comfortable in the company of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the other conspirators of the so-called “American Revolution.”

We find ourselves, today, still bowing and scraping before faded scraps of antiquity; the aforementioned Declaration and the Bill of Rights; pieces of parchment filled with the egotistical rantings of men (where were the women?) who lusted for control, influence and privilege. Dogmatists such as John and Samuel Adams, William Whipple and Caesar Rodney wrote well, so history anointed them with praise for their penmanship (note: John Hancock – his name is a synonym for elegant script).

It is fair to call these radicals usurpers and bigots; after all, they were British citizens in residence upon land that was inhabited by many tribes of indigenous people.

This country’s original residents lived amicably in communal groups. As a former community organizer, I can appreciate the way these “true” Americans lived and worked together for the greater good of the group. If we look to the past for a blueprint for American life, one can do no better than to emulate tribal life and its focus on sharing its tasks, as well as wealth with each member, equally.

However, this is a new day and a new, progressive and genial America. While many still worship the fading scratches of the feathered quills of early supremacists, I believe it is time for these United States to be released from the emotional bondage of words written almost three hundred years ago and begin a new chapter of history, one which addresses the collective needs of our society.

I hereby authorize the formation of a committee to analyze our economic and social organizations, evaluate the efficacy of our current distribution of goods, capital and compensation and create a document that defines the fundamental aspects of our hard-working populace.

This new American manuscript will not reside in a museum or place of worship; it will be available to all, taught to our children in schools and stocked in every library, coast to coast. I encourage all citizens to keep a copy in their homes – even upon one’s person for reference and contemplation.

I envision our new codex of community involvement and civil obedience as a practical guide for American life. I know you’ll support me in this endeavor to create a manual for a kind and fair America; one that doesn’t praise the efforts of insurrectionists or religious fanatics, but acknowledges the importance of working together and sharing our wealth.

As we continue to rectify and apologize for the mistakes of the past and look toward a more appreciative America, other changes must be made to atone for past indiscretions. For example, to reflect this country’s new emphasis on fairness and focus on wealth management, the Capitol Building will be renamed the “Worker’s Representation Convention Center.”

Let me conclude today’s address with one more task: my next act as your president will likely be difficult for the older, less productive generation of American’s to accept, however, in order for this country to start a new era of contrition and healing, we must part ways with the past and discard the term “United States of America.” Too many people associate that name with rebellious acts, terrorism and persecution, in fact, the mere mention of the name “United States,” is cause for aggravation, resentment and unhappiness for foreigners around the world. Henceforth, this country is the “Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere” (CRNH).

May the fictitious deity of your choice approve of our Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere!

© 2009, The Bold Pursuit, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Federalist: Political Principles v Political Behavior

It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto”

And funding a constitutional government worth funding.

By David Corbin and Matt Parks

The apoplectic and apocalyptic will scoff at the suggestion that this past week’s executive amnesty could help fuel a partial revitalization of our republic. So why is there room for optimism that something can be done–and what?

President Obama’s threatened and now announced executive amnesty has, not for the first time, drawn pundits, politicians, and the American people, Left and Right, back to the Constitution to reflect on what, exactly, the president and Congress are supposed to do. That, in and of itself, is a good thing–an indication that, at some level, we all still recognize the need to square our political behavior with our (collective) political principles… Please continue reading It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto” on

This excerpt is published with permission – a special thank you to our friends at 

David Corbin is a Professor of Politics and Matthew Parks an Assistant Professor of Politics at The King’s College, New York City. They are co-authors of “Keeping Our Republic: Principles for a Political Reformation” (2011). You can follow their work on Twitter or Facebook.

Unmasking Obama

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

When I was in high school, a classmate told me of his plans to get rich. He would start a business, and hire someone else to run it. The money would roll in, and he would not have to put forth any effort.

Little did I know that somewhere in Indonesia, another student would have the same plan, except with higher ambitions. He would occupy the Oval Office in the White House, and let other people do the work, while he vacationed, played golf, and gave speeches. Success would come without him having to put forth any effort.

The recent Republican victories in the national and state elections are going to reveal even more of Obama’s character flaws, and will do so in a way we have not yet seen. To understand this, we have to backtrack to the beginning of his administration, and then jump forward to today.

When Barack Obama first took over the White House in January, 2009, his party had full control of both houses of Congress, including a filibuster-proof Senate. Logic would dictate that such absolute power would reveal his character, and it did. He moved immediately to enact what is incorrectly called, the Affordable Care Act, his signature health plan which is proving unaffordable to the nation.

It was not just that Obama used one-party control to enact this law. It is the way in which he did it, that revealed so much of his character defects. There were the back-room dirtydeals, special exemptions for political allies, and the utter incompetence of those who implemented the law, such as Kathleen Sebelius who managed to mismanage the project from start to finish.

Even more revealing of Obama’s character flaw, was that he actually did nothing. The man who had vowed to scrutinize the federal budget, line by line, to eliminate waste, handed over the crafting of his namesake law to congressional Democrats, committees of cacophony who inserted so many incongruous provisions into the law that it became a wish list of socialist pipe dreams. Obama was a bystander in the process. No one, including the president, knew what was in the law, a fact affirmed by the classically ridiculous assertion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that we must enact the law to discover what is in it.

When its content was indeed discovered, the law was found to be such a boondoggle that Obama had to embark on a long series of executive orders, many of which were illegal, to violate or postpone its provisions. The ACA was nothing like what its proponents had hoped, and everything that its critics had warned of. Only its critics had bothered to read it. No one who voted for it, nor even the president himself, actually bothered to read the law.

This, then, is the character of the president. He is not a leader, he is an armchair general, who cannot be bothered with performing even the elementary functions of his office. His governing principle is leading from behind, both in domestic affairs and foreign. He is bored and depressed by national security briefings, and so does not even attend them. He probably does not even read the cover sheets.  Obama is like my old high school classmate, seeking all the benefits of success without actually doing anything.

Here we are today, but with a situation very different from 2009. Instead of controlling both houses of Congress, Obama’s party will soon control neither. He is reduced to threatening to take executive actions which he claims are legal, but there are no legal ways in which he can achieve his goals. He can no longer lead from behind. He can no longer outsource accountability for his failures. Success will no longer just come rolling in.

What, then, will he do?

The first hint came to us in Obama’s post-election press conference, in which he denied the undeniable. He essentially brushed off any personal accountability for his party’s losses, even though he had earlier said that it would be his policies that would be on the ballot. He attributed his party’s losses to voters who stayed home, but as Kirsten Powers (a Democrat) pointed out in a Fox News panel discussion, the voters who stayed home were disillusioned Democrats, who no longer support Obama.

Another hint arrived with the disclosure that Obama has secretly been seeking to cooperate with Iran against ISIS. While it is sometimes necessary to join forces with horrible dictators to defeat an even worse one, that is not the case with Obama’s courtship of Iran. Iran may actually be the worse enemy, one which soon will likely have nuclear weapons, and which will assuredly use them at the earliest opportunity, against our allies and against us.

We have already seen hints of Obama’s sophomoric petulance, such as his thinly disguised middle finger gesture (literally, there are photographs), his chin-in-the-air arrogance, and his narcissistic desire to be adored, even worshipped, by his mindless audiences. These are clues to a potentially sinister and dangerous part of his character.

What we have not yet seen is what Obama will do when deeply disappointed, cornered, and exposed for what he is. He could become dangerous.

There have long been rumors— plausible ones— that Obama is simply a passive figure-head, a willing puppet for handlers who hold to a radical ideology. Obama has openly expressed disdain for American power and greatness, and he is clearly anti-capitalist. His initial aims for America were not to dominate the world as a force for peace, but to bow down before foreign powers and let them run the world according to socialist theories.

He may perceive that he can no longer accomplish those goals. He may perceive that he has discredited not only himself, but his policies and his allies in the Democrat Party. He may perceive that in January of 2017, a newly elected president will reverse all his executive orders, undo all his legislative accomplishments, and appoint conservative judges who will reverse years of leftist rulings.

History may record Obama’s presidency as the disaster it has been.

Faced with thorough humiliation and rejection, Obama will do one of two things. He will either cower and whine, as he has so often done, or he will lash out, seeking to bring about his goal of getting revenge on America for every perceived injustice his warped imagination can conjure forth.

Time will tell.

Note to the New Congress: Keep Your Priorities Straight

by Jim Mullen, Contributing Writer

America beat back the Marxist wolves from the door in stunning fashion in the mid-term elections. Republicans took the Senate, increased their lead in the House, and won statewide and local races throughout the land.

Will Republicans use their newfound power or weaken and get warm and fuzzy with leftwing, Obama Democrats, and squander their riches? Alternatively, will they delineate their differences from Democrats and use their mandate to do what Red-State Americans hired them to do: wrest the country from the crushing jaws of Obama Marxism and his New Democrat Party? Being Republican is not enough, conservatives will be reelected; liberals will not!

If history tells us anything, it’s that Republicans have displayed little stomach to fight as tenaciously as Democrats. The American people did not reject Democrats because they love Republicans. Americans rejected Democrats because they moved so far to the left, they became indistinguishable from arrogant despots when they joined the most radical movement in our history; Barack Obama’s promise of fundamentally changing America.

Indeed, Obama with the full blessing of his New Democratic Party ripped America from her moorings. America lost her identity, her pride, her culture, her values, and her guiding constitutional principles. Not surprisingly, she weakened and lost world respect when her word and promises grew hollow and meaningless.

This new leadership must “fight to win,” and not “go along to get along” thinking only of the next election. It requires boldness, not defensive posturing and maneuvering. Ignore the voices of mainstream media, liberal pundits and talking heads. Follow the words of our Founding Fathers. Listen to their warnings about all-powerful centralized government, and then drive this evil from its entrenchment in our government, its institutions and academia.

Vow to precede every vote with this most pertinent question, “What would our Founders do?”

Barack Obama is unconvinced of American exceptionalism. His beliefs of redistributing income, wealth, and property are ideas straight from the malevolent ideals of Karl Marx – ideas proven repeatedly to reduce everyone but the elite to the lowest common denominator, to share equally in government-led misery.

Under the siege of Obama and his comrades, many middle-class Americans joined the ranks of the dependent class. Business creates good jobs; big government historically creates ignorance, poverty, and dependency. Small government allows industry and private enterprise to breathe, grow, and provide for expansion of the nation’s workforce.

It is not too late to re-establish liberty and wrest America from the scorching tyranny of Barack Obama.

The following are priorities this writer puts forth to the new Congress, if Republicans want to keep their jobs and save the country:

  • Don’t try to out Democrat the Democrats. They’ve had sixty years of practice at placing people on welfare, destroying families, and enslaving millions of people to government.
  • Public relations are an integral part of keeping your message clear, unambiguous, delivered with force, and repeated often. Remember, liberals are experts at controlling the media. Appoint a committee (and/or hire) public relations’ experts to promote your conservatism and immediately control false information disseminated by liberals or MS media.
  • Ignore all forces of division from the hate-filled left. It’s time for sagacious leadership and fighting with determined resolve on the federal, state and local fronts. When attacked by the left, or Main Stream Media, immediately have a posse of Representatives, or Senators, step to the microphone for a press conference and issue a press release stating the facts. Your response must be immediate, forceful, truthful, and convincing. Repeat your case until the next issue arises. Convince the voters the value of your plan and the barking dogs will head for the porch, tails between their legs.
  • Remember why voters rejected Democrats? Don’t do that!
  • You were not elected to work with Democrats. It is up to Democrats to work with you. Democrats’ idea of cooperation is doing it their way. Negotiate only from strength.
  • Keep in mind; we have the Democrat’s playbook. Don’t let their race hustling, war on women, war on gays, etc., etc., rhetoric or any other group on group war they conjure up, keep you from your service to your constituents and your country.
  • Thank Harry Reid for the new Senate rules; keep them and follow them.
  • Slash regulations to release the Bull of industry.
  • Get feds out of education. Education is not a constitutional responsibility of the federal government. It is, in fact, an illegal intrusion on states’ rights. The more the federal government spends on education, the lower the test scores. Education began crashing when Congress blessed us with the Department of Education. Teacher unions and public unions are too powerful and helped create the crises in education and other bureaucracies.
  • Use appropriations to curtail the power of the congressionally manufactured bureaucracies.
  • Use the power of the purse to pull the teeth of the EPA and dozens of other federal bureaucracies. Pass new legislation redefining the intent and the responsibilities of these runaway thugs. Our country can never be free with bureaucrats making their own laws.
  • Forget ALL special-interest groups and do the job for which fed-up voters hired you.
  • Reinstate the work requirement in the welfare reform laws passed during Clinton Administration that Obama repealed using unlawful executive orders. Get people off welfare and back to work. Dependency is the number-one cause of culture decay, ignorance, and lack of personal and national pride.
  • Don’t even think about citizenship for illegal aliens. Shut our borders tight and put a temporary moratorium on all immigration. Pass an immigration bill only afterwards.
  • Make passing an energy bill one of the top priorities. Begin with the Keystone Pipeline and then move to open public land for drilling, including ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Rescue). Nuclear must rank high as a major part of this plan, our future depends upon nuclear, and researching other forms of energy. Do this with tax incentives, not by throwing $billions away on proven failed liberal schemes.
  • Reducing tax rates for corporations, private entrepreneurs, and personal income, should hold a position of prominence.
  • Dodd-Frank must go! It’s just another anchor around the necks of business. Regulations and taxes kill jobs!
  • Healthcare laws must be prominent, and Obamacare repealed by any means necessary.
  • Don’t make deals that allow Obama to appoint leftwing judges, and department heads.
  • Rebuild our military. We are in a perilous position of weakness. Obama set fires around the world and slashed our military to dangerous levels. A strong nation militarily and fiscally, is a safe nation.
  • Get us back to responsible spending, reduce the deficit, and work on reducing the debt.
  • Work within the framework the Founders gave this great land: The Constitution! Do these things and we shall return to strength in the world, independence in our nation, and once again stand tall and proud. America is in decline because we are less free!

If local and state leaders take these same ideals, ideas, and policies of freedom, they will long serve their constituents, and rescue the nation, their state, and local communities from the ravages of past political incompetence. Show the voters what this new group of leaders can accomplish. If you do not learn from the Democrats, and do not accept what our Founders knew, then you are doomed to repeat the very sad history of the past several decades.


Jim Mullen 

An Appreciation ~ Veteran’s Day

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When  his  succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. ~Mark Twain, Notebook, 1935

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~ Elmer Davis

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as best he can, the same cause. ~ Abraham Lincoln

The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. ~ Patrick Henry

We remember those who were called upon to give all a person can give, and we remember those who were preprared to make that sacrifice if it were demanded of them in the line of duty, though it never was. Most of all, we remember the devotion and gallantry with which all of them ennobled their nation as they became champions of a noble cause. ~ Ronald Reagan