Making a Deal with the Devil

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

It was with grave trepidation that Sir Winston Churchill sided with the brutal dictator Josef Stalin against Adolph Hitler in 1941. The alternative, Churchill knew, would be worse. He proved right on both counts. The Soviet Union was indispensable in defeating the Nazis, but the deal with the devil exacted a heavy price after the war: a 45 year standoff between East and West that included the Korean and Vietnam wars, and constantly threatened a global nuclear winter.

Let me use this extreme analogy to emphasize the danger of the present situation.

Siding with Bill Maher against liberal hypocrites is sort of like siding with Syrian dictator and criminal Bashar al-Assad against Islamic extremists. Let me hasten to add that while I am thoroughly disgusted with Bill Maher’s vulgarity, I do not view him as outright evil, but I do consider him to be deceived by the devil, an ignorantly obedient servant. Still, I would not behead Maher for that, but instead seek to persuade him to accept Jesus as his Savior.

In this extremely vulgar video, grossly offensive to Jesus, Maher nevertheless makes an important point.

Here is the video which I urge you not to watch, but will not censor. Its content is framed in disgusting terms. You have been warned.

Maher correctly points out that liberal Americans are outraged by the slightest perceived insult against gays, women and other minorities, while at the same time, defending Islamic extremism as just another culture, off limits to the same criticisms of religion which they hurl at Christians. According to the left, Israelis defending their children are considered terrorists, while their opponents who willingly sacrifice their own children for propaganda are extolled as freedom fighters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, spokeswoman of the Democrat Party, characterizes Republican governor Scott Walker as pulling the hair of women, but those who support her say little or nothing about Islamic extremists who actually cut off the heads of little girls. Yes, liberals are appalled at the grisly images, but they are careful to restrict their criticisms as tightly as possible, to avoid offending Islamists.

Islamists mercilessly kill homosexuals, and indeed, subject anyone who disagrees with their extremist positions to cruel and barbaric punishments. Yet American liberals, intolerant of even the slightest hint of Christianity in a classroom, make excuses for Islamist radicals.

As Maher points out, there is a practical side to offending Jesus, while walking on eggshells concerning Islam. Christians will forgive you. Islamists will kill you.

Despite that rational fear, liberal hypocrisy is so extreme in this matter as to be inexplicable. On the one hand, they support women’s rights, and use the most extreme rhetoric to denounce what they perceive as even a minor affront to liberal women— except that they never perceive any affront as minor.

On the other hand, outspoken liberals refuse to openly condemn the Islamic practice of keeping women tightly under the control of the men in their lives. In countries ruled by Islamic leaders, women— and even small girls— are subject to the death penalty for the smallest infractions, including merely flirting with a man. Simply giving the appearance of impropriety can result in death by stoning— in public to applauding crowds. Sometimes the executions are willingly carried out by family members.

What kind of poison could infect a human soul to this degree of perversion?

Instead of condemning Islamist misogynists, American liberals refer to the Little Sisters of the poor as “dirty,” because they refuse to sign away their rights, refusing to fund certain types of contraception they consider to include abortion. One would think, listening only to Liberals, that the Little Sisters were beheading babies, while they were silent when Kermit Gosnell was, in effect, doing exactly that to babies born alive in an abortion clinic.

One could rant all day about liberal hypocrisy and the enabling complicity of most news media. There were Germans who in the 1930s railed against the Nazis, and were then exterminated for their courage. Yet, the futility of it all did not stop them from speaking out.

None are so deaf as those who will not hear, and speaking to liberals about these matters rarely does any good. Even so, despite the seeming futility of it all, we must speak out, if not to save the world from liberals, then at least to save perhaps one liberal from himself. We must do that, because our duty is to save every soul we can. The stakes are too high to ignore that duty. The penalties for the liberals are even higher.

Isaiah 5:20
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil. . . .

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