Oregon’s Democrat ‘First Lady’ Reveals She Received $5K to Illegally Wed

by Karen Colasinski

So…this gal admits to marrying an illegal – committing immigration fraud – and being paid to do it. Now she’s bawling and upset that her fiancé, the Governor of Oregon, had to find out this horrible secret in public, blah, blah, blah, i.e. she’s sorry she got caught. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian she married went, on OUR backs, to college, graduated magna cum laude with a degree in mathematics from Greensboro College in North Carolina and currently lives in the two-story home he owns in a suburb of Washington, D.C. courtesy of his undoubtedly hard work and the opportunities and assistance of our nation.

The average home in suburban DC runs $500K. Not a bad gig for a “starving Ethiopian teenager” who happened to have the “good fortune” to meet a gullible, white “cougar” who just happened to run for Oregon Congress as a Democrat four months after her divorce from the guy was final. She lost to the Republican.

Firstly, is this a pattern or what? Didn’t Obama’s white mama marry his African national papa trying to help him stay here, renew his student visa or something? I’ve never read that he wanted to stay because she was pregnant – only that he wanted to stay in America and keep going to college (i.e. to party based on the photos I’ve seen) even though he had wife and children back in Africa waiting for him.

Secondly, could there at least be some semblance of accountability soon for some of these sharks feeding on the blood, sweat and tears of the rest of us? I don’t recall ever thinking Nixon should get out of consequences for Watergate but people have built entire careers and industries protecting Clinton’s and Obama’s from their lies and subterfuges!

Grrrrr! So ends MY “epistle” for today!

Karen Colasinski is the author of five self help books on family and relationship issues. Her award-winning books have been featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair and translated into Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Braille.

She wrote and line-produced three videos: a children’s aerobic program, an exercise/play tape for pre-school-aged children and a peer-counseling session for teens.

She recently sold her first screenplay to an independent producer. It is in development. Website: http://www.karencolasinski.com

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