The Day That Time Stood Still

by Genevieve, Senior Editor, Advisor

As I think about the anniversary of September 11, it is hard to believe that 13 years have passed since that fateful day. The events still permeate my memory. I was hurrying, as usual, so that I wouldn’t be late for work when my phone rang. A friend called to tell me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Living in a world-weary time when tragic incidents don’t have much impact, I paid little attention and continued with my morning routine. The horrors that followed: three more plane crashes – another one at the WTC, one at the Pentagon and the third in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, foreshadowed far-reaching changes to life in America.

All air transportation was brought to a complete halt – airports were closed. It was the eeriest feeling to look skyward and not see a single airplane. Our freedoms and liberties would gradually vanish as the struggle against terrorism stripped the tranquility from our daily lives.

The nightmare is perpetuated by the ever-changing forces that threaten our very existence. There is little comparison to the atrocities committed by Al Qaida and the slaughters and bloodbaths executed by ISIS, Hamas and other terrorist-affiliated organizations. The most unsettling thing about relentless terrorism is that there is no opportunity for peace anymore. We are constantly looking over our shoulders waiting for the next shoe to fall. Fighting our enemies in past wars was considerably simpler. The battles were fought and ended. The war against terrorism, however, is never ended. We are continually confronted by the opposition when we least expect an offensive.

We have no one to depend on for protection and security. Our government is clueless about how to circumvent the destruction and collapse of mankind. Our lives are controlled by apprehension and fear.

“The LORD is my strength and my shield, my heart trusted in him, and I was helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I praise him.” (Psalms 28:7)

I live my life from day to day in humble and reverent remembrance of THE DAY THAT TIME STOOD STILL.

3 thoughts on “The Day That Time Stood Still

  1. A week or two of cooperation with and study of Israeli security personnel would free up our airports to normal traffic flow, while increasing their security ten-fold. Pay strict attention to alerts from other nations regarding individuals preparing to enter our land.The Boston Marathon bombings happened because of specific, ignored warnings from other nations.Review our policies for admitting foreign Islamic students in on VISA's – reduce the number drastically or end the practice – would result in control of information on whereabouts and length of stay. Concentration of NSA, FBI and other assets on Islamic-oriented domestic and overseas communications – rather than scooping up bulk communications from all American citizens – would streamline and focus attention on the most likely perpetrators of terrorist acts. A reasoned build-up of relevant military personnel and materiel would prepare us for foreign challenges and signal to Islamist groups that our reach is long and sudden, and that they are indeed on our radar.Alerting to American mosque activities/gatherings that incite violence or harbor terrorist-connected leaders, conducting reasonable searches for weapons and terrorist-connected funds would send the message that muslims in America should shun Jihad-prone activists and report them, rather than cooperate or turn a blind eye to them.Swift, same or next-day punishing actions in response to specific, isolated terrorist attacks on allies or Americans overseas should be the order of the day.Foreign communities would learn that harboring terrorists is very bad for the health.Immediate court action and incarceration for domestic 'leakers' who reveal plans or help terrorists guess our actions.Remove all 'mil-to-mil'-oriented programs which allow foreign Islamic students in our military academies and training institutions. The programs have not worked, and when the chips are down, supposedly sympathetic Islamic military allies either run, or they join the terrorists. End the visiting student programs and stop revealing our treasure, our plans, our technology, our strategy and tactics. We should go dark to all scrutiny from Islamic nations and their militaries. They do not need to know how we prepare, what arms we possess, or how we operate.Stop the foolish, appeasing, politically correct terminology switch, refuse to bow to 'offended' Islamic groups and clearly label and define terrorism, terrorists, Islamic terror, Jihadis, muslim terrorists and other clear Islamist-related persons or activities for what they are.Re-examine all Rules of Engagement.Make all ROE's subject to the first priority of wiping out the enemy completely, with extreme prejudice.Evaluating shooters, bombers or attackers while in the heat of a military action is too much to ask of our military people who are risking their lives for us, for our country and for Freedom and human dignity for foreigners.Terrorists quickly learn how to exploit limp-wristed ROE's, shooting at our people, then dropping their weapons and running off with impunity.If they are in the action, let our troops drop them on sight.Arrange an immediate meeting with the Creator and let Him sort them out.Re-institute full-scale, strict security checks on all administration personnel. Individuals with ties to terror-aiding groups or persons should never be part of domestic or foreign policy decision-making, and should have absolutely zero access to the White House and the Pentagon.Nor should they be involved in education, energy, environment or other issues touching Americans.Behave like a nation at war.Because that is what we are.

  2. Bob – I wonder if any of these proactive incites have even occurred to our astute politicians. Care to run for a government position? We need people who are intelligent and can use their minds to address the ever-looming terrorist threat. Thanks for your comment.

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