Sharia Enforcers in a Christian Country — Here it comes

by Don Hank, Guest Contributor 

Bernard Chalumeau, founder of France Libre and expert on international law, sent me a link to a story of Sharia Police, an unauthorized group of Muslim activists posing as cops in Germany and harassing and threatening people for patronizing bars, eating pork, and doing other things that are perfectly legal in Germany and none of their business. This is just the beginning of the harassment, since the demographics are rapidly shifting from non-Muslim to Muslim. Just imagine what is certainly on the way.

Well, how can I say this? Europe has done a very thorough job of eliminating Christian teaching and preaching in the public square. So thorough that many churches have emptied out and some are being replaced by mosques. After all, the plain and simple message of such official policies is that there is something sinister or unwholesome or even dangerous about outspoken Christians — or perhaps Christians in general. And did you know that none other than Adolf Hitler made this muzzling of Christians a salient policy of his regime, telling church leaders they could pretty much teach as they wanted within the 4 walls of their churches, but not to bring their messages out to the streets, please? Or else. What other country does this remind you of? (Hint: home of the ACLU).

German officialdom, along with the rest of Europe, has been enthusiastically carrying on this cherished tradition of selectively suppressing Christian speech and thought  to the present day.

Which points to an interesting phenomenon:

Empirical evidence clearly shows that people everywhere have a certain hunger for things spiritual and that many will naturally gravitate towards people who model, and call for, temperance and a clean lifestyle especially when they teach that such is godly.

Since Christian teachers of this clean lifestyle have been banned in the public square or have gone underground (including with regard to a certain teaching about a certain sexual preference), Muslims teaching these things are therefore naturally attractive to an increasing number of people. This is because there is an unmistakable double standard that is tolerant ofMuslim public utterances while eschewing or outright banning Christian public utterances.

So the upshot of these policies is effectively to eliminate Christianity and fill the vacuum left in its place with Islam. And today, more plainly than ever, we see in northern Iraq, Syria and elsewhere what Islamic law leads to, don’t we? The same secular governments that created and foster this spiritual vacuum in the West are now sending troops to help save indigenous minorities in the Middle East from being slashed to death by Muslims, the people they have invited to live in Europe by the millions upon millions, even to the point of displacing indigenous Europeans and creating no-go enclaves where police and ambulances are banned. In European cities.

Thus, surprisingly, replacing Christianity with agnosticism and secularism has not had the intended result of turning Europeans into obedient agnostic socialists. Instead, many are becoming attracted to Islam, something quite the opposite of the intended result.

Some people have another way of saying “unintended consequences.” They call them divine intervention.

Europeans can still believe or disbelieve as they wish and they are free to support the anti-Christian, pro-Muslim policies of their keepers. They just can’t feel safe walking alone in certain parts of their cities these days where people of a certain religion dwell.

All thanks to “enlightened” secularism.

See for yourself:

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