‘Seven Days in September’ – Will They Finally Do It?

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Over the past few years, I have posted several commentaries referring to the fictional political thriller titled, Seven Days in May. That novel (and movie) is about an attempted coup d’état in the White House – by high ranking national security officials – who believe that the policies of the (fictional) president are gravely imperiling the nation.

The coup fails and the moral of the story is that law, by the Constitution, rules America and that there is never any justification for substituting force for the ballot box.

The account is fictional, but today, the reality is that the “rule of law” is becoming fiction. Top government officials illegally and flagrantly do the president’s personal bidding in defiance of the Constitution. Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, the NSA, the EPA – the list is too long for full inclusion here – have all acted according to the morals of third world dictators.

Obama’s presidency has not only been marked by violations of the law, but perhaps worse in the eyes of highly-placed policy officials, marked by ineptitude and failure. Generals and intelligence chiefs might very well (I am sorry to say) tolerate trashing the Constitution to achieve results they view as pragmatic. What they likely will not tolerate is failure. When failure becomes fiasco, they will become concerned. When it shows signs of becoming catastrophe, they might risk their own careers and take desperate action, if not to save the republic, then at least to save themselves.

Judging from recent interviews and public statements by such officials, they have not yet become concerned, but they certainly seem to have sat bolt upright and taken notice, as grim reality sets in. Their public statements might be viewed as simple lack of coordination between speech writers, but they also might indicate shots across the bow, so to speak, subtle warnings to the president to shape up.

While presidential dereliction of duty is plain to see in the news reports, there are likely much more serious derelictions going on behind the scenes. Surely, security and military officials must have more than once commented to each other—albeit in carefully phrased, deniable words—that they are disappointed that the president has consistently dismissed their advice, only to see the world stage become more dangerous as a result. They must resent being repeatedly blamed by Obama for his own failures. They must know far more than we know, exactly what the failures of the administration have been. I suspect it goes far beyond the “I don’t have a strategy,” category, and far into the “I don’t have a clue,” classification.

Beyond a doubt – Barack Obama has, for some time, now posed a clear and present danger to the Republic. It is the duty of government to respond decisively to such threats. His golf outings and fund raisers are more than mere matters of appearance and embarrassment. They demonstrate conclusively that the pilot does not have his hand on the controls, but instead is outsourcing his policy decisions to radical ideologues who share Obama’s left wing world view. They are almost literally trying to “community-organize” the world, but the world is not cooperating. On the contrary, international disorder is beginning to run riot as the looters (dictators and terrorists) discover that no one is on duty to stop them.

Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is said to have been tolerated by his public despite his oppressive policies, because as the legend goes, he kept the trains running on time. Obama could not even manage to keep Obamacare running on time, and it remains a fiasco today, with worse yet to come.

Obama’s foreign policy failures have cost American blood, strengthened our enemies, weakened our alliances, and made the nation vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Throughout it all, he has never admitted error except in the most self-serving terms.

My personal perception (and I have no inside knowledge, of course) is that there is a segment of the national security apparatus that may soon become concerned, even alarmed. My fear is that when they finally take action, it will not end well.

The final chapter is yet to be written.

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