The ISIS Game

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

For those of you who play checkers, chess, or other games of strategy, you have probably noticed that the losing player does not usually lose only on the last move. In most cases, even if he is allowed to take back a move or two, that does not prevent his inevitable loss. The fatal mistake, the losing move, usually has already happened much earlier than that. Once the fatal mistake is made, the rest is inevitable. The losing move loses because it weakens the player’s position so much that no matter how well he moves thereafter, the result is already a foregone conclusion.

In the ISIS game, Barack Obama made the losing move at least as far back as his “red line” bluff in Syria, when he made empty threats that he had not the fortitude to carry through, and had to back down.  That mistake drove Syria ever more firmly into the arms of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, while at the same time, opening the door for ISIS to consolidate northern Syria as a base from which to conquer northern Iraq, and eventually,to effectively target Europe and the United States. The game was all but over as soon as  Obama’s bluff was called. What happened later was not only predictable, it was predicted.

Thus came into being the reality we now face, the nightmare scenario which was prevented in Afghanistan by President Bush’s decisive invasion. It could have been prevented again, had Barack Obama acted decisively in Syria, and even later, in northern Iraq when ISIS first invaded. That nightmare is a powerful terrorist state that will stop at nothing, literally at nothing, to carry out its ambition of total conquest of the old Babylonian empire. This will be followed by a caliphate over the entire Middle East, andthen, using that powerbase as a launching pointmajor attacks on Western Europe and the United States.

Russia already knows what the next few moves are. They have already been there. The massacre of one hundred eighty-six Russian school children at Beslan by Chechen Islamists in 2004 was an atrocity that defines the savage intentions of Jihadi fanatics—or at least it did define it until ISIS forces burned through city after city in Iraq, leaving thousands murdered, decapitated and enslaved.

Over the years, Russia has sustained many more terrorist attacks, one of the most recent being a gunfight between police and some militants involved in last year’s car bombings at the Volgograd train station in which some fifty people were killed. Three policemen and 4 terrorists were killed in the gunfight this year.

Russia is no stranger to this game. It remains to be seen whether ISIS will target Russia with the same massive destruction that it has threatened in the US and Europe. Russia’s stance, however, makes it clear to the terrorists that Russia’s response will not be an empty Obamaesque threat. The terrorists will surely remember that in 2000, the Russians flattened the entire Chechen capital city with artillery and air strikes, prompting the UN to call it the most destroyed city on earth. ISIS can expect nothing better if they attack Russia.

Sadly, ISIS assuredly has no fear of the United States. Worse yet, the allies who can most help us in the war against the terrorists no longer trust us. Obama has in one form or another betrayed them all, including the Kurds, the Anbar Sunnis, and even our European friends.

In doing so, Obama has already made the fatal move that condemns the United States to the full fury of an ISIS terrorist attack on our soil. While he is playing for a draw, ISIS is in this to win it all.  You do not need to be a chess master, or a golf player, to understand why a rank amateur has no chance of winning this game.

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