The Best of #18: Levin: ‘Terrorists Have Never Had It So Good’

The Best of

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​Volume ​18


( Mon, Aug 11 )

ISIS Taking Over Iraq, 

Illegals Surging Over the Border: 
Obama Goes on Vacation


The President of the United States is, whether we like it or not, 
the leader of the free world and is supposed to serve as a leader. 
For centuries, America’s presidents have been scrutinized by the 
world and their actions monitored. How we respond to crises is 
how the world responds.

As the world is falling apart, however, President Obama has 
made his priorities clear: he’s going on vacation.

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WEIRD: Why Is Obama VacationingIn The Whitest Place On The Planet?

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( Tues, Aug 12 )

South Africa threatens to 
prosecute citizens serving in IDF

A man walks past an election poster of Jacob Zuma's African National Congress (ANC) party in the Soweto township of Johannesburg, South Africa Friday, May 9, 2014. (photo credit: AP/Ben Curtis)

The warning earlier this week came after a pro-Palestinian 
advocacy group opened a case against Dean Goodson of 
Cape Town, who reportedly is serving in the IDF.

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The Prime Minister of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s important 
message to the world.

1:45 Video Here:
Hat Tip to Sharon of Alabama

Liberal window sticker…

( Weds, Aug 13 )

“An Incredible Story Unfolds” 
A Young Girl Swept Away By 2004 Indian 

Ocean Tsunami Reunited With Parents 

after Missing for a Decade

In an incredible story of a heartfelt reunion a young Indonesian 
girl who was washed out to sea in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami 
has been reunited with her family. Missing for an entire decade, 
Raudhatul Jannah was only 4-years-old when she and her 
brother were lost from the clutches of their parents. 
This past week, the 14-year-old girl was discovered by her uncle 
as he spotted the girl while visiting a nearby district. It has now 
been revealed that an elderly lady took care of Jannah for the last 
10 years of her life, something that was common at the time 
since the massive loss of life broke-apart numerous families 
throughout the country.

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( Thurs, Aug 14 )

ISIS Muslims Declare: 
“anyone who kills a Christian will 
go straight to heaven”


Archbishop Athanasius Toma Dawod of the Syriac 
Orthodox church explained:

“They are killing our people in the name of Allah and telling 
people that anyone who kills a Christian will go straight to 
heaven: that is their message. They have burned churches; 
they have burned very old books. They have damaged our 
crosses and statues of the Virgin Mary. They are occupying 
our churches and converting them into mosques.” 

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( Fri Aug 15  )

‘Terrorists Have Never Had It So Good’: 
Levin Blasts 
‘Truly Pathetic Commander-in-Chief’

Photo Credit: Fox News

“Our enemies, the terrorists, have never had it so good under this 
truly pathetic commander-in-chief who should be in Washington, 
D.C., right now calling Congress into session, getting authorization 
to use deadly military power against these cockroaches,” Levin 
said, adding that Obama should be announcing what the 
administration is going to do instead of repeatedly 
announcing what it’s not going to do. 

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( Sat Aug 16 )

Federal Judge Rules AR-15’s 

are not Protected by 

Second Amendment 

If this ruling stands, it will result in legal creep. The next round 
of anti-Second Amendment advocates will argue that since an 
AR-15 does not come under the protection of the Second 
Amendment, all single shot weapons that hold more than a 
single bullet must be banned as well since an AR-15 is no more 
an assault rifle than a single shot rifle, because that’s what 
an AR-15 is.

Criminals are excited by Judge Blake’s ruling.

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Anti-Gun Ban Funny Cartoons

 ( Sun  Aug 17 )

Black Democrat: 
Abortion is the Number One Genocide 
in the African-American Community

On May 22nd, HB 388, the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, 
passed the Louisiana Legislature by overwhelming, bipartisan 
margins. HB 388 is critical for Louisiana because women are 
often harmed by sloppy abortionists who are more interested 
in the $450 they receive from each abortion, than the health 
and safety of their patient.


The author of the bill, Rep. Katrina Jackson, was heavily criticized 
for her leadership and determination to get the legislation passed. 
This is because she is a Democratic, African American woman 
who is proudly pro-life.

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