The Best Of #17: Things We ‘Infidels’ Don’t – But Must – Know

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Ebola Quarantine Stations Established 

in El Paso, Los Angeles and 
18 Other Cities
Dean Garrison


The Centers for Disease Control have established a quarantine 

station at LAX to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus 

from passengers coming off international flights., an ABC affiliate, is reporting that El Paso, Texas has 

also been chosen as a “quarantine station”:

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Here’s A Map Of America’s 
Quarantine Stations

 cdc quarantine stations map ebola

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25 Critical Facts About This Ebola 

Outbreak That Every American 
Needs To Know 

…what we do know is that more than 100 health workers that 
were on the front lines of fighting this disease have ended up 
getting it themselves. The top health officials in the entire world 
are sounding the alarm and the phrase “out of control” is 
constantly being thrown around by professionals with 
decades of experience.

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Happy Birthday, Ebola Barry!

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Darkow cartoon: Ebola outbreak

Queers for Palestine: 
Crazy, Self-Hating, or Criminally Stupid? 

people to side with Islamist regimes that embrace an ideology 
that calls for the extermination of gays and the brutal oppression 
of women; up to and including officially sanctioning rape?

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fag faggot gay Holocaust homosexual homosexuality Iran Iraq Islam Islamist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Muslim queer radical terrorism terrorist terrorists

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31 Clean Slang Terms for Sexual 
Intercourse from the Last 600 Years 

 Fadoodling (1611)

“Here are the most adorable terms for sexual intercourse from 
the last 600 or so years. Many of them have origins so obscure 
they hardly make sense at all, but that doesn’t detract from their 
bawdy adorability in the slightest. When it comes to the 
ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way.”

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CNN Contributor Gripes That Iron 
Dome ‘Takes Away Hamas’s Military 
Leverage’ Over Israel

Complaints from the mainstream media over the disproportionate 
nature of the Israel-Hamas conflict have reached a fever pitch in 
recent weeks. The problem for them, it seems, is that not enough 
Israelis are dying in this conflict between a democratic state and 
a terrorist-run Islamist territory. Leave it to CNN commentator 
Marc Lamont Hill to make the point a little bit more explicit.

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Catch the Branco Political Toons at Legal Insurrection

Blather Fatigue

The man who never stops talking plans to talk even more, because 
impeachableincompetent insanity is soincessant, that, much like 
the people that live near the airport who no longer hear the planes, 
they’re just kinda tuning him out – you can call it Blather Fatigue).

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Things We ‘Infidels’ 
Don’t–But Must–Know

1. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. 
The prophet Mohamed requires the conquering of the world 

in the name of Allah. For the infidel (especially Jews and 

Christians) there are three options; Convert, Become a Slave 
or Die. That is the unfortunate truth according to the Holy 
books of Islam.

Miami Rabbi Shot and Killed on His 
Way to Synagogue this Morning

Pamela Geller writes…

The Rabbi of a Miami Beach synagogue was murdered earlier 

today on his way to synagogue. The Rabbi was shot dead in cold 

blood only two blocks away from the synagogue that was defaced 

with Hamas, swastikas and Jew-hatred last week after a 

Hamas-CAIR hate demo.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 5.41.33 PM

J’ accuse.

I accuse Hamas-CAIR for organizing a violent, pro-Hamas, pro-
terror demo last week that resulted in thedefacing of the Miami 
synagogue. This is the poison fruit of CAIR’s incitement to hate 
and violence. Journalists were attacked by Muslims shouting, 

I accuse Hamas-CAIR.

I accuse the media for stoking Jew-hatred when the Jewish state 

defends itself from savages.

I accuse weak and feckless leaders in the West who won’t say 
publicly what they know to be true privately.

 I accuse President Obama of sanctioning savagery 

and equating Islamic terror with self-defense.

I accuse Muslim leaders for inciting to genocide and violence 
against Jews, Christians and the kuffar.

This Rabbi was targeted.

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They always make a mistake sooner or later.

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