Council of Cowards

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

The 1962 book and 1964 movie, Seven Days in May, brought to public attention the remote possibility of a coup d’etat occurring in the United States. High level overthrows of third world governments are indeed potential occurrences, but in strong, well established Western republics, they are all but impossible. The closest we have ever come, so far as I know, was the forced resignation of President Richard Nixon, which was really not at all close to being a real coup, as the aftermath was a smooth transition of power that made little difference to the ordinary citizen.

​Soon after Barack Obama took office, soon after his disastrous policies became clearly disastrous, I thought to myself that highly placed officials would meet with him in the oval office and counsel him accordingly. After all, these officials are well aware how a weakening of the United States can bring about national calamity, world chaos, and certainly a threat to their own power and perquisites. I was all but certain that those with such knowledge and power would rein in this loose cannon.

​They didn’t.

​Those in power, those in charge of intelligence, the military, banking and commerce—in short, those who have access to the oval office, could have, and should have, arranged an emergency meeting in the White House, and informed Barack Obama that if he did not moderate his radical policies, they would go public with their grievance, and if necessary, might go so far as to initiate impeachment proceedings.

​They did not.

​Six years later, we find ourselves mired in numerous growing and predictable disasters that threaten the republic. The staccato series of scandals alone should be enough to sound the alarm, but there is so much more than that. The failures of Obama’s economic policies are legion. The inept implementation a defective health care law is an alarm. As the world ignores presidential “red lines,” we find ourselves sneered at by both friend and foe alike. Our enemies are progressing day by day in their nuclear weapons programs, weapons which they will surely use. Even the lowliest terrorist now possesses shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons which can easily find their way across our porous borders and onto the highways over which airlines descend for landings.

​This only scratches the surface of the disasters awaiting us as an increasingly lawless president runs roughshod over the Constitution.

​At this point, the possibility of a top-down coup has become not only unlikely, but indeed, would probably make matters worse, although in the long run, matters are headed for an ending that will be about as bad as things can get. The council of cowards who surround the president will never act in a positive way to restore the nation to the rule of law. At the point in history when their courage could have equaled those of the Founding Fathers, and have been recorded as such, they have instead become Benedict Arnolds, fawning at the feet of their master, and groveling for his favor.

​Instead, the duty of protecting freedom has now fallen where, perhaps it should be. The duty has fallen on those who stood off the armed forces of oppression at the Bundy Ranch, and those who turned back the busses in Murrieta. In other words, the burden must now be borne by none other than you.

​There comes a time, there must come a time, when the ordinary American, having endured sufferings while sufferings were endurable, must recognize that not only are his own freedoms at stake, but that his children and grandchildren are being condemned to a life of debt, a life of obeisance to unjust authority, and the dangers posed by hostile foreign powers.

​I don’t know when the tipping point will be reached. I don’t even know if a popular uprising would have any chance against the power of technology that is surely in the hands of the government.

​I do know that, what dark thing now creeps toward Washington DC is a clear and present danger to the Republic, and that its strongest ally is the cowardice of its enemies.

One thought on “Council of Cowards

  1. I so agree with this analysis. I am especially disappointed that our military leaders allow this interloper to destroy all the peace and stability that was secured in this country, and the entire world, at such a heavy cost to those selfless warriors, whom this president disrespects and relegates to two year waiting lists for treatment of life threatening illnesses; while at the same time he's letting illegal aliens into the country to sign up for free health care—plus everything else, all so he can secure an engorged Democrat party voting bloc. The world is on fire and we have a guy who's more interested in hitting the links than tackling the dire situation of his own making. To say that the fate of United States is dangerously near the precipice is an understatement. The fact that there's not one single "leader" willing to challenge this abomination of a president and take him to task is more that discouraging, it's absolutely disgusting. God help America.

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