The Hate that Dares Not Speak its Name


by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Some mysteries seem to perplex historians across the ages.Here is one of them. Why are Jews so universally hated?

Anti-Jewish hatred goes back at least to the bronze age. It has repeatedly surfaced in grotesque form through the centuries since. Why? What other ethnic group has endured such constant and unrelenting persecution? What other ethnic group is so consistently blamed for every difficulty faced by society? What other group is the object of so many conspiracy theories?

No sooner does one bring up the topic than a horde of Jew haters loudly accuses Jews of every imaginable form of bad conduct. The mildest of these accusations is that they are money hungry, and it goes all the way up to, and the accusers are serious about this, cannibalism. Jews are accused of drinking the blood of Arab children.

Today we see Jew hatred in all its absurdity. Consider this surreal set of facts. Hamas terrorists have launched hundreds and hundreds of missiles against Israel in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible. Israel patiently endured this barrage, fending off the attacks as best it could, with something called an Iron Dome defense system that shoots down ninety percent of incoming missiles, but not all of them. If not for Iron Dome, hundreds if not thousands of Israelis would be dead today. When finally the Israelis ran short on defenses, and when it became clear that Hamas will not run short of missiles—when it became patently clear that death will soon rain down on Israeli cities, Israelfinally fought back, targeting as best it can the missiles and tunnels that Hamas is using to wage war, and avoiding as best it can the unavoidable civilian casualties which Hamas welcomes as a propaganda tool. Yet it is Israel that is blamed. Speak of absurdity!

While Israeli spokesmen are interrogated by reporters about the many Palestinian children tragically killed and injured in this war, I have heard not one reporter, not even one, ask any Hamas spokesman this question: what would happen if Hamas stopped launching the missiles?

The answer of course is obvious. Israel would not shoot back. The Palestinian children would not be used by Hamas as human shields. News organizations would not indirectly cause even more of these deaths by publishing them as propaganda. People now dead would still be alive.

Jew haters do not like to label themselves as such. Instead, they sift through the dictionary to find more acceptable names. They call themselves anti-Zionists, freedom fighters, and peace activists. They say that it is not Jews that they hate, but only the nation of Israel. They claim that if the Israelis would only surrender the land which they occupy, then the violence would cease.

History says otherwise. The Israeli government knows that. They refuse to go docilely to their deaths, as so many Jews did during the 1940s under the heel of the Nazis.

One would think that after so many years of Middle East warfare, the world would have stopped supporting the terrorists. Billions of dollars have been sent to the Palestinians, enough money to have enriched every Palestinian family with schools, hospitals, factories and wealth of every sort. Yet instead of using the money for peace, the Palestinian leaders have used it for murder. Despite all that, the west continues to send even more money to the terrorists.

One bizarre spectacle is that, in the United States, some of the opponents of Israel are American Jews, some of them wearing the traditional Hasidic garb. They carry signs condemning Israel, and supporting Hamas. They seek to stand side-by-side with Palestinian demonstrators, oblivious to the fact that the Palestinians hate every Jew, even the anti-Israeli Jews. The Koran makes no distinction.

There is a twisted form of reason beneath all this absurdity. Jew haters hate Jews, not because they care about Palestinians, but because they hate God. While that may sound outrageous, it is true.

No Bible-believing Christian can doubt that the Jews are the chosen people of God. The Bible makes this abundantly clear. The mission of the Jew is to bring God’s blessings into the world. Genesis 12:3 tells us this about the Jewish people: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

We as Christians are no less hated, and as the Jews are persecuted, so also shall be the followers of the rabbi known as Jesus. “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9

Already in many parts of the world, we see horrific acts of genocide against Christians. It will only get worse. Don’t take it personally. It’s not you they hate, but God. Okay, do take it personally, if you love God.

If you think that my statements are irrational, consider these facts which you surely know. American liberals side with Hamas against Israel, even though Hamas opposes every tenet of American liberalism, such as the following. American liberals proclaim their support for same-sex marriage. In Islam, this carries the death penalty. Progressives vaunt women’s rights, yet under Islamic rule, millions of women and girls are treated as the personal property of men. Liberals demand sexual freedoms, whereas under Sharia law, even the mildest sexual expression outside of marriage is punishable by stoning unto death.

Rarely if ever do western liberals condemn these barbaric practices except at most in whispers, if even that. Somehow they have been deceived into thinking that if they side with those who hate God, then those who persecute Jews and Christians will not also persecute them when the time comes.

The American left, fellow travelers of terrorists, should read The Book of the Revelation, Chapter 17. It speaks of the harlot riding the beast, drinking the blood of saints, and who says, I sit a queen and shall know no sorrow. Yet, when the time comes, the beast destroys her also.

If they refuse to look into the Bible, then they should consult with the Moslem rulers of Egypt, who threw off the rule of terror by the Muslim Brotherhood, which was supported by Barack Obama. Egypt has amazingly sided with Israel against Hamas.

Jew hatred is not rational. It never has been. Evil has no logic, but only deception.

If you are having difficulty making sense of this, so am I. There is no sense to be made of it. As we said at the outset, some mysteries seem to perplex historians across the ages. Jew hatred is one of them.

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