The Next Genocide

by Robert Arvay

I went to see the movie, “Persecuted,” with high hopes that it would be a quality movie with an important message. I was disappointed. I feel that the quality was low on several counts, and the message (as presented) was not plausible. In my opinion, Christian-themed movies should be held to a much higher standard. However, the title of the movie is appropriate. Let me explain that.

America is a land of churches. One cannot travel very far through populated areas without seeing the familiar steeple topped by a cross, or if not that, at least a sign out in front that clearly indicates the church’s name. Because of its ubiquitous presence, to suggest that in America, Christianity is persecuted is considered laughable.

In 1932, Germany was a land of synagogues. By the end of 1942, there were none.

The United States is already considered by many to be a post-Christian nation, and many academics say that it never was Christian to begin with. It is no longer taught that the United States was founded on, as the Mayflower Compact specifically says, “Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the first Colony. . .” [emphasis mine.] Instead, it is taught that America was founded on slavery and genocide, the enslavement of Africans brought here in chains, and the massacre of indigenous tribes (incorrectly called Indians). Whenever Christianity is mentioned in government run schools, it is often in this context.

Undoubtedly the history of our nation has painful and tragic aspects to it. So does Christianity, with its inquisitions and crusades. Christianity, as some have correctly said, is not a brotherhood of the virtuous, but a hospital for sinners. It is not a destination, but a journey, not the triumph of good over evil, but the painful struggle for it.

Those who condemn Christianity as having had an evil influence neglect to consider what the Americas would be like today had they been settled by Moslems or Hindus, by Chinese or Arabs, none of whom have the traditions of religious freedom or inalienable human rights that informed our Founders. The American journey toward good would have not been better, but worse. Indeed, the indigenous natives who were already here when Columbus arrived were in a state of perpetual war with each other. Despite the abundance of the land, the American natives suffered recurrent famines. The most technologically civilized of the tribes in and around Central America practiced ritual human sacrifice.

This is mentioned not to malign the natives, but to be realistic about human shortcomings. However great their respect for nature, however admirable their qualities of courage, the indigenous people were, after all, as human as the European settlers who conquered them, that is to say, as fallible.

This has been either forgotten or denied in public schools. Any mention of Christianity or Judaism occurs in the context of negativity, a context that is never applied to those of other faiths (or none), and never applied to minority races. The rules are clear on this, and any deviation from them, even by committed liberals, is, and here is that word again, persecuted.

In 1932, the warning signs in Europe were clear, so clear in fact that almost every Jew who could do so, left Germany during the next few years. Albert Einstein was among them.

The warning signs in America may be less overt, but they are no less ominous, both for Christians and for Jews. Over time, a negative mental image of Christianity is being implanted into the minds of children, both in schools and in entertainment. While this campaign of propaganda is still in its early stages, it is growing, and if left to travel its course, will one day morph into open and seething hatred, not just by citizens, but by official government policy. The opening salvos have already been fired, and loudly so.

The Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor cases, are examples. These lawsuits involve only a slight dispute with the government’s effort to force people to violate their religious convictions. The dispute is basically about paperwork. The government has said that if you do not wish to participate in providing what many consider to be abortion-inducing drugs, you need merely to sign this piece of paper, and then you will be granted a special license by the government to practice your faith. That’s all. Just sign right here. No need to read the fine print, the government will do the rest.

Because the Little Sisters refuse to sign a paper that replaces their God-given rights with revocable government-given rights, the National Organization [supposedly] for Women (NOW), has publicly referred to the nuns as, “Dirty.” Given NOW’s rancorous disparagement of the nuns, one might think that the Sisters of the Poor are forcing chastity belts onto Patricia Ireland, or alternatively trying to force her to become pregnant and bear children.

It is no longer enough to not support the government’s version of morality. It is no longer enough to not support the atheist Church of America in its practice of killing the unborn. No, one must now genuflect before the altar and beg for an exemption, an exemption to which the Constitution and God already entitle us not as a revocable privilege, but as an unalienable right. Would you be free? Then kiss the ring, and fasten this chain.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby’s refusal to violate its religious convictions (perhaps this pun will later become reality), but that will not stop the anti-Christian march from the political left. They smell blood in the water.

Some may think that the triviality of refusing to sign a piece of paper is too trivial to signal an impending persecution of Christians, but the opposite is true. It is a signal that the left considers even a trivial departure from its doctrines to be an intolerable affront, a heresy, a crime that must be punished. You will either respect the sacrament of abortion, or else, you will be vilified—and vilification of Jews was but a way station enroute to Dachau.

If the Sisters signed that piece of paper and surrendered their God-given rights to the whim of the Left, that would by no means be the end of it. More violations would inevitably follow, for the ravenous hunger of the beast is never sated, and certainly such a small snack will be but an appetizer for it.

There are already rules and regulations afoot to further limit the rights of religious organizations, and of individuals, to live by their faith. Pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for abortifacient drugs are accused of forcing their beliefs on others. The only remedy then, is for the left to force its beliefs on Christians. One means of doing so is to refuse licensing to such pharmacists. They will either prescribe abortion, or prescribe nothing.

Once we Christians and Jews give an inch, then the next inch seems less important, and more difficult to resist. Once the first wedge is in place, it is but a matter of time before the entire tree is cut down.

This might sound overly alarmist, but the destination to which we are heading has already been reached elsewhere, not just in recent history, but in current events. Islamists in Iran, Iraq, Sudan and elsewhere are already burning churches, and in some cases, slaughtering Christians and Jews. Islam, a religion that persecutes (that word!) women and homosexuals would, you might think, be anathema to the American Left, and considered far worse than Judaism or Christianity. On the contrary, the Left cheers for the Palestinians, celebrating every missile fired at Israel, then condemning every effort by Israel to protect itself. While Palestinians use their own children as human shields, the American Left holds public demonstrations against I
srael. The deliberate murders of Jews are ignored, but the civilian casualties among the Palestinians, casualties caused by Hamas placing military targets in schools, those are grounds for accusing Israel of persecuting (yes) the Palestinians.

There. Are you still hoping for a semblance of reason from the Left? Do you still hope that they will respect Israel’s right to exist? Do you still believe that they will refrain from forcing their beliefs on Christians?

They will not.

You will do as the Left tells you, or else you will resist. If you resist, they will have no mercy. You must become either hot or cold. Choose, and if that means choosing persecution, then so be it.

Mr. Arvay is the Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad

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