Neglect Starts at Home

The Bold Pursuit welcomes a new contributor, Karen Colasinski. Karen is an accomplished writer [see her mini-bio below] and we’re delighted to present her blogs to our readers. ~ Clio

by Karen Colasinski, Guest Contributor

How about we CUT the $$$ and restart aid ONLY with oversight? That will help prevent the ugly corruption and outright theft by leaders of countries that have been allowed to take our money, use it to indulge the elites of those country (who are protecting their wealth and power) and then send those they neglect to the US so that we can take care of them with additional taxpayer money?

Talk about adding insult to injury!

ENOUGH with these false liberal memes of “kids being trafficked into sex slavery.” Have they taken a look at the registry of missing teenagers in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

As has been noted more and more each day – have these liberal whiners looked at the victims of violence in OUR OWN CITIES?

Once again, liberals force Conservatives to be the grown-ups – the “bad cop” parents, in order to do what’s best.

Here’s a list of the South America countries1 that received the most aid – millions of US $$$:

Argentina 83.7
Belize 28.3
Chile 161.4
Colombia 1024.5
Costa Rica 38.4
Ecuador 162.6
El Salvador 280.8
Guatemala 391.8
Honduras 624.0
Mexico 958.2
Nicaragua 695.0
Panama 109.9
Paraguay 93.7
Peru 599.2
Uruguay 15.1
Venezuela 44.5
Bolivia 728.7
Guyana 158.5
Suriname 94.6

Bear in mind that the topic of foreign aid,as it relates to the illegal immigrants crashing our southern borders, is only one small factor in the broad scope of multiple crises these immigrants bring with them – ranging from our national security and our citizens’ health to making U.S. taxpayers liable for the expense of hiring interpreters for the majority of non-English speaking immigrants to providing personal hygiene products and much more.

So, what can we do to help push back on the federal government that refuses to bend to the Will of the People who want our borders secured, illegal aliens deported back to their home countries and our immigration laws enforced?

In addition to attending rallies and protests, we can share inarguable facts wherever and whenever we can – in blogs such as this; via e-mails; Tweets; Facebook posts; comments on other social network sites; and we can write “Letters to the Editors” of local papers (print and online); send, fax or e-mail copies of the letters to local, county, state, and national officials.

We can make telephone calls to the same chain of people listed above and express our concerns. The truth is that America has always thrived “from the bottom, up”. You might be amazed to see the influence of your voice when you let your City Council or local School Board Members know your feelings. They are connected to other officials “up the food chain” and your thoughts may just scurry right up the ladder to officials even to the national level.

1 I took the numbers from Wikipedia because they took it right from the list of “Official Development Assistance”:

Karen Colasinski is the author of five self help books on family and relationship issues. Her award-winning books have been featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair and translated into Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Braille.

She wrote and line-produced three videos: a children’s aerobic program, an exercise/play tape for pre-school-aged children and a peer-counseling session for teens.

She recently sold her first screenplay to an independent producer. It is in development. Website:

One thought on “Neglect Starts at Home

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and the opportunity to share my thoughts with The Bold Pursuit audience. It is a privilege to join other patriots in a venue I respect!

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