Best of the E-Blast, Vol 14: Obama Forces Cities to House Illegals

The Best of
~ The E-Blast ~

Volume 14

Obama Isn’t Laughing, 
He’s Mocking 


Here he is, the chief executive, he’s the president of the United 
States and he is laughing about the things he’s doing, the things 
he’s being accused of doing and the possibility of being sued, 
slash, impeached over it. A lot of the commentary I saw was 
people thinking, “You know, this is really disrespectful. This is
very serious stuff, and he’s laughing about it?”  


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So let’s mock him…

DOJ investigates Nebraska 
parade float critical of Obama


The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a member of its 
Community Relations Service team to investigate a Nebraska
parade float that criticized President Obama.

A Fourth of July parade float featured at the annual Independence 
Day parade in Norfolk sparked criticism when it depicted a zombie-
like figure resembling Mr. Obama standing outside an outhouse, 
which was labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.”

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Are you kidding me?!?!? We should make sure there’s a float
critical of Obama in EVERY single parade in America, throughout
the entire year. That would keep Big Brother hopping, huh?
~ Bruce ~

California Students Given Good 
Grades for Holocaust-Denial Essays

Earlier this year, eighth graders enrolled in the Rialto Unified 
School District in Rialto, California were assigned a rather 
questionable essay assignment: Did the Holocaust happen, 
or was it “merely a political scheme created to influence 
public emotion and gain wealth[?]”

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1:15 Video…

What Israeli Schoolchildren Sing to Deal with Rockets

Obama visits burger joint after Malaysia 

Airlines jet shot down: ‘I’m starving!’

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Australia Dumps Carbon Tax

Much to the outrage of the global Green and warming alarmist cabal, Australian voters have been heard and Julia Gillard's carbon tax consigned to the dumpster of history.

One thing you can be absolutely sure of, globally, there will be a 
huge number of outraged Greens and warming alarmists because 
Australia has dumped it’s carbon tax.

This as the saying goes really is a double whammy, Australian PM 
Tony Abbott is a politician who has actually kept his word and 
dumped the hugely unsuccessful and deeply unpopular Carbon Tax, 
that Labor PM Julia Gillard promised voters she would never 
introduce, and then promptly broke her word.

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You should read this…

Obama ‘Forces’ Cities 
To House Illegals


The Obama administration, in July 2013, quietly introduced a
new regulation

This rule would allow HUD to influence zoning laws from the 
biggest cities down to the tiniest towns.

The proposed rule, which is set to take effect in October, would 
put teeth on the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by providing a set of 
standards, guidelines and goals, then use data to “measure” 
and “assess” how well a local community is meeting its Fair 
Housing obligations.

Some say the new rule will lead to “racial quotas” and will be 
exploited by HUD to aggressively absorb the nation’s swelling 
population of illegal immigrants into communities that are 
trying to keep them out.

More Here:

Every bit of this illegal immigrant invasion was pre-meditated,

right down to the laws that would guarantee that no community
would be spared if the Left chose theirs to be dumped on.
This is classic central planning. I don’t think many citizens 
are going to enjoy, nor stand for, this New’Merica.
~ Bruce ~

Synthetic Organs

In regards to the controversy regarding the use of embryonic stem 
cells, scientists wanted to find a way to get easily-accessible stem 
cells without crossing ethical boundaries. During some recent 
research, American and Japanese scientists teamed together to 
find an alternative way to get stem cells to research on, without 
having the burden of society and the guilt of the destruction of 
embryos to worry about. They found a safe process to remove skin 
cells, convert them to stem cells, therefore making them ready to 
use and develop into any other cell. The research is new and the 
technology won’t be around until some time; however, this proves 
that there are alternative ways that can save the embryos and still 
promote the research for stem cells and synthetic organs. 

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