Grandma Was A Patriot

by Nadra Enzi (aka “Cap Black”)

My late maternal grandma was a patriot. At five feet tall, with knees devoid of cartilage and nerve-damaged feet from an ‘encounter’ with an unruly student decades previous, she nonetheless painfully came to attention when the National Anthem played on TV. As July 4th, 2014, approaches, that scene has constantly been in my mind.

She could have been an America-hater since she grew up in the belly of a South Carolina, deep in the grip of Jim Crow. Like her generation, she loved America and despite having been a proud, retired social science teacher, confided a longing to have served in the military, like her two younger brothers.

She lived long enough to see (UGH!) Obama get the first Democratic nomination and her memory of unselfish love for country inspires me to this day. Her example is especially comforting while watching American Blacks armed with a Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act and the cosmetics of a bi-racial president of the United States sink deeper into decidedly unpatriotic dysfunction and excuse-making. It also helps buttress me in my efforts as an anti-crime activist as the waking nightmare of Executive Order-orchestrated amnesty unfolds before shocked eyes. Sadly, I have to confess I’m glad she’s not here to see what the nation has devolved into.

Grandma was a patriot… and so am I.

Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, is an anti-crime activist and Project 21 member in New Orleans. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on Twitter. American Brothers Against Crime is my Facebook page.

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