Equality is Unfair

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

Some years ago, there was a panel discussion on television about equality. I am speaking from imperfect memory, but I do remember the main points. Specifically, some women were complaining that women are treated unfairly. The other women on the panel cited college admissions as favoring women, and the military draft as favoring women, and after a few other examples, they asked how women are treated unfairly.

The liberal women had a ready answer. ‘Why just yesterday,’ one of them said, ‘I was shopping for clothes, and I picked out a nice turtle-neck sweater. Then I happened to notice that the same, identical sweater was in the menswear department for a price that was twenty percent less. I asked a clerk what was the difference between the sweaters in the men’s department, and the sweaters in the women’s wear section. The answer was that all the sweaters arrive in bulk, and are arbitrarily distributed between the two departments, and that is where the pricing is done.’

‘Well,’ continued the liberal woman, ‘I think that this is unfair, and is just another example of how women are discriminated against. Why should women have to pay more for the same, identical item?’

It was the conservative women who now had the ready, although unrehearsed answer: ‘First, stores charge more for women’s wear because women will pay it. Nobody forces them to buy anything in the store. Men won’t overpay for their clothing, because they do not place as high a value on fashion as women.’ Second, and this is the show stopper: ‘What prevents women from buying their unisex clothing from the men’s department?’

The look on the liberal women’s faces was a poorly concealed “duh” of red-faced embarrassment. (Footnote: Red-faced is not to be confused with the now forbidden name of a football team. However, if I have offended anyone, well, grow up already.)

Warning. Please turn off your “sarcometer” before reading further. I will not be responsible if sarcasm-overload burns up your sarcometer. Very well, let’s proceed.

It seems to never have occurred to the liberals on the panel that some problems can be resolved with individual actions. In the liberal mindset, it seems that every unfairness in life should be remedied with a government program, a new federal agency, higher taxes, more regulation and less individual freedom. Why, after all, if individuals were allowed to solve their own problems, then there would be a decreased need for government, no need to raise taxes, and—and—and well, why the planet would explode. Anyone can see that.

As I said, this took place years ago, and since I can rarely find my car keys on the first try, I am sure that I may remember some of the details wrong, but the key still starts the car, if you get my drift.

I’m not done. I wish the panelists had asked more questions, but since they did not, I wish to pose them to our more liberal readers. (I warned you to turn off those sarcometers. This is your last chance.)

Why are department stores allowed to have separate departments for men’s clothing and women’s wear? Is this not segregation? Does this policy not make some unfair assumptions about men and women? Does it not discourage cross dressing? Cross dressing is a fundamental right you know. George Washington actually wore a wig, and frilly cuffs on his shirtsleeves. That proves it.

The next question is related to the foregoing: Who should make the decision as to where department stores place their men’s clothing and their women’s attire? That such a vital decision should be left to the whim of cold-blooded corporations is a travesty. Their flimsy excuse is unacceptable, which is ‘this is the way customers want it.’ Who do the customers think they are, the government? Where in the Constitution is it specifically permitted for customers to make their own choices? The word, “customer,” does not even appear in the Constitution. Nor should it.

Fortunately, the liberal left is making inroads to defeat this unfairness. Same-sex marriage is now legal in several states. In at least one state, men can use the women’s dressing rooms, restroom and even showers, in public accommodations (except in mosques, of course). Oh, and by the way, this paragraph is not sarcastic.

I wish it were.

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