“Hope & Change” for the Rest of the World – Coming Soon to a Country Near You!

by Mario John Borgatti, Guest Contributor

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner on the Attack!

Barack Obama and his allies in the European Union claim that Vladimir Putin is interested in territorial expansion to former Soviet Union borders. They characterize Putin’s response to the anarchistic overthrow of the legitimate government in Ukraine, a pledge to protect the Russian population in Crimea, as aggressive and illegitimate. In the midst of the street violence taking place in Kiev, the People of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea held a status referendum. It asked Crimea’s citizens whether they wanted to join the Russian Federation, or restore Crimea’s status as part of Ukraine. The result was almost 97 percent in favor of the region integrating into the Russian Federation. Crimea is now a part of Russia – and for that action: Putin and the Russian people must be punished.

However, it is not Putin’s response that is the issue here. The real issue is whether or not the duplicitous Barack Obama, along with his calculating partners in the EU – in this latest episode – had the right to force regime change in Ukraine. One thing is certain; Putin is not intimidated by Barack Obama or any of the leaders within the EU. He will stand firm for Russia and the Russian people. Putin will do whatever he thinks necessary to protect them—outside military threats, political sanctions and media condemnations, be damned.

In contrast, Barack Obama, who is under the delusion that he is a world-class leader, has no such resolve. He repeatedly demonstrates that he has no interest in protecting American citizens from enemies, foreign or domestic. His posturing on the world stage during this crisis is antithetic to Ronald Reagan’s statesmanship. Obama’s lack of knowledge, combined with his unscrupulousness and overwhelming arrogance, makes him more dangerous to the United States of America than any one person, country or ideology in American history.

The present Commander in Chief, a title which he never earned and doesn’t deserve, has disrespected our armed forces by reinventing their role and compromising their safety. His military policy blunders are responsible for 73% of all troop deaths in Afghanistan since the war began 12 years ago. Even though this figure is three times the number of heroes lost under George W. Bush’s watch, you will never hear a peep about the Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s derelictions in the totally corrupt main stream media.

A Community Organizer Masquerades as a President of the United States

In the past five plus years of Barack Obama’s rule, “Hope & Change” has not only destabilized and destroyed our homeland but those of sovereign nations across the globe, as well. Obama’s slash and burn foreign policy strategy plays out something like this: We “Hope” you do as we say, or we will “Change” your government, by supplanting it with one of our choosing which will destroy your cities, turn your citizens against one another and terrorize your populations. We will accomplish this by implanting anarchists and mercenaries, financed by the US taxpayers of course, who will create mayhem; then we will lay the blame on whomever we do not particularly find favorable for the resultant death and destruction.

Let us take the previously mentioned United States-European Union alliance’s meddling in Ukraine, and the Russian response. Granted, there are people who consider Vladimir Putin to be an upstanding leader, and those who will brand him as an evil despot. Whatever you may think of Putin, consider this: what label would you apply to a government, its leader and its allies that would foment the overthrow of a duly-elected government, by financing a coup with billions of taxpayer dollars, without anyone’s consent other than the band of radicals and mercenaries who demolished Kiev and killed many of its citizens? If you’re having trouble answering that question I’ll give you a hint: it’s a government, its president and his state department, an economic block of mostly neutered countries along with an inter-governmental military alliance determined to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s western border.

Daily reports in the Western media portray the amassing of Russian troops along their own border as a sign of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet they never mention the fact that the new regime in Kiev, the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko included among them, has threatened “…to take up arms against ethnic Russians…” What country on Earth would let such threats go unheeded? Does anyone remember the Free World’s outrage and condemnation of the Soviet Union, and rightfully so, when they placed a nuclear arsenal ninety miles off the coast of the United States? A global crisis that Barack Obama, 14-months old at the time, wouldn’t remember.

The EU Throws a Hissy Fit!

The claim that the “demonstrators,” who violently and maliciously overthrew the government in Kiev, were representative of democracy in action is ridiculous on its face. These anarchists, with help from my government and the EU, had Viktor Yanukovych forced out of office because he refused to sign a deal with the EU, a deal which would have effectively left Russia out of the economic equation in its own region. Putin expressed Russia’s willingness to take part in a trilateral commission with the EU and Ukraine if Ukraine would agree to step back on plans to join the EU. His offer to participate in the dialog was spurned by the EU. Yanukovych then proposed to the EU that Ukraine would need $160 billion through 2017 to get its footing. The EU balked, as they felt they were being extorted, and, it is said, Putin then made an offer to Yanukovych which would include cheaper gas, credits and business contracts to Ukraine. This was an offer Yanukovych found difficult to ignore under the circumstances. He was looking for the best deal and it’s Putin’s he was leaning towards – and there’s the rub. Yanukovych was choosing the solid components offered in the Russian deal over the EU’s nebulous non-starter. So, in their twisted version of a counter offer, the US and the EU decided to step in, offer billions of dollars in bribes to the autocrat, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and his murderous mob, have them overthrow the elected government and install themselves into power as the acting government in Ukraine. No referendum here, just a good old fashioned coup d’état! Yet this cabal, which the US and the EU have the audacity to prop up as a legitimate government, sits in Kiev and dictates harsh policies and bellows threats toward those citizens of Ukraine who differ in opinion…and ethnicity.

Nothing that has recently transpired in Kiev has a whit of legitimacy to it. This was an obvious power grab. U.S. and the EU officials lie through their teeth whenever factual evidence of who’s killing whom in Ukraine is uncovered. The fact that Putin felt compelled to “…protect [Russia’s] vital national interests,” and the ethnic Russians in Crimea, is discounted simply because it conflicts with the United States’, European Union’s and NATO’s vital interests. But how in the world does threatening Russia, China, India, and a host of countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia and turning them against the United States help our national interests? All it does is make us look like oppressive bullies in the eyes of the world. Threatening countries with sanctions, which ultimately hurt the poor, is an insidiously evil practice. It’s a weapon used by elitist cowards in an attempt to demonstrate their disfavor and “resolve.” Countries across the globe are coming to the realization that regime change, under the banner of democracy, is wrong when it’s conducted in this manner. It’s also turning many Americans against their political leaders and the foreign policy decisions they’re employing—the results of which have been disastrous.

The debacle in Ukraine should never have happened. An overwhelming majority of the people living there did not ask for this turmoil and certainly do not deserve to be sacrificial pawns in a game of greed and corruption. They are proud of their country and their heritage. They are not interested in war. They are interested in many of the same things most human beings are interested in: God, family, education, prosperity and the freedom to move about their cities without fear of being murdered by marauding thugs or having bombs dropped on them by their own government.

Diplomatic and less volatile ways to deal with this situation were never explored. Certainly, a staunch and wise ally would have respected the will and sovereignty of the Ukrainian people and would never have let this situation reach meltdown. However, in this case the interests and welfare of the Ukrainian people are secondary concerns to the those whose primary goal it is to lay waste to another nation in their drive toward achieving that utilitarian dream – for “the greater good” and the promise of a global society.

Putin: Obama’s Boogeyman of the Year

Demonize Putin if you feel the need, but he’s not the one citizens of the western nations should fear, as the insidious regime-toppling globalists would have you believe. And who are these shadow dwellers that decide one regime must be destabilized then replaced by another which will bend to their will? They’re the elitist puppet masters of the present administrations in the United States and the few power wielding nations in the European Union. They are behind this anarchistic takeover of Ukraine. They are responsible for the death and destruction which is occurring in Ukraine. They are responsible for separating loved ones from their families, for the loss of jobs, the deaths of many citizens of all ethnicities that call Ukraine home. All this suffering is for what? Their twisted vision of a New World Order, in which they are the rulers and we are their slaves? It’s obvious to me that Putin is not the one who is conspiring to impose a New World Order. As a matter of fact, he wants no part of it and neither should we, in the United States, have any part of the globalist’s treacherous agenda.

America was always about defending liberty and freedom. Today I see our government creating upheaval across the globe. Whether in the Middle East, Africa or the far edges of Eastern Europe, an insidious pattern has emerged. A pattern of death, destruction and persecution of ethnic and religious groups wherever we have forced regime change. I don’t see that any good has come of these incursions into once sovereign nations. Are we truly trying to spread liberty and freedom to these countries, or is this quest to install democracy at any cost, even if it disrupts the lives of millions of people caught up in the maelstrom of the reality on the ground, not working because our leadership is inept, arrogant, misguided – or maybe there are more sinister and selfish reasons.

Russia is important geologically and geographically. Its natural resources: gas, oil, coal, timber and rich mineral deposits are widely coveted. The location of its warm water ports in the Black Sea are just as desirable for their strategic and economic importance. There are powerful forces interested in confiscating Russia’s vast wealth for their own economic and political gain. Bringing Russia to its knees by putting NATO at its doorstep is a gamble these people are willing to take, the consequences be damned, body count doesn’t faze them in the least.

My firm belief is that Russia is not interested in expansion. It is interested in protecting its people, its culture and its vital interests. Russians are a proud people, derived from a diverse ethnic background, who revere their heritage and their motherland. They will never submit to globalism, just as they would never submit to Islamic fascism, or any other outside controlling entity. They want to be independent and have no interest in any outside world wide governing body telling them how they must conduct their lives and businesses, and what rules and regulations they must submit to – or be punished with fees, fines and sanctions. Their president, Putin, is independent, strong-willed and pragmatic. His concerns about the advancement of the regime changers are well founded – their adventurism precedes them. Vladimir Putin is not the greatest threat to freedom and stability in this world that the anointed one would have us believe. The real culprit lies much closer to home.

One thought on ““Hope & Change” for the Rest of the World – Coming Soon to a Country Near You!

  1. This excellent article gives the reader a view of events in Ukraine from a perspective other than that of most news media. Obama's ineptitude on the world stage has been glaringly displayed for all to see. It is my opinion that the author, Mario John Borgatti, is FAR more qualified to reset relations with Russia than either Obama or Clinton, both of whom have managed to make matters worse, not better.

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