Soros mourns the passing of the EU (Part IV)

by Don Hank, Guest Contributor

Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Partij Voor de Vrijhijd, or Freedom Party) is another very sincere leader who, though displaying a somewhat more blunt style than Marine, also cares deeply about his own country and is eager to restore its sovereignty. He too expresses concernover the Muslim invasion and has called for a halt to the EU-imposed immigration from Morocco due to the disproportionate number of crimes committed by that community. The majority of his countrymen seem to agree. He has received death threats and needs body guards to walk outside. The Dutch MSM once hammered him mercilessly but are increasingly reserved now that PVV has become decidedly mainstream.

 Both  leaders care about lessening the impact of unbridled immigration and onerous taxationfoisted upon them by the EU, thanks to their involuntary membership therein. This year for the first time, a tipping point has been reached and the people have seen that the EU is their enemy.

As for UKIP’s Nigel Farage, many of you have heard his fiery speeches against the EU made in the EU’s own parliament. While some of my UK correspondents would like to see him more committed to ending the unlimited immigration from Muslim countries that is devastating large swaths of the UK, he is an effective leader and has been able to garner more and more seats in the EU for his party, which is dedicated to pulling the UK out of the EU.

So now, my fellow Americans, where is our Front National, our Freedom Party, our UKIP? For decades, no US politician from any political party – including third parties – has applied the word “sovereignty” to the American people.

Our federal government has far overstepped its constitutional bounds in every way, stripping the states and local governments of their rights. This means that the states and local governments have lost their sovereigntyThe consequences are the same here as they are across the pond: unbridled immigration and the attendant loss of our jobs, our culture and our safety; loss of constitutional freedoms and a growing tax burden, not only from the IRS but also from the Fed’s insistence on inflation, which it falsely assesses at around 2% a year but which is in fact much higher in terms of staples and fuel. This problem is incorrectly viewed as a freedom issue when in fact it is primarily a sovereignty issue. Our inability to grasp the issue of sovereignty and the loss thereof is standing in the way of a rational solution. Put succinctly, sovereignty is in large part the right of a country to have and preserve its culture. Unbridled personal freedom is largely responsible for destroying that culture.

The Europeans are slowly experiencing a late awakening to this loss of sovereignty in their owncountries and now for the first time since the war, they are rising up and taking their own destinies into their hands.

 Will we do likewise?

Shall we?

That was supposed to be the end of my commentary.

However, the struggle between good and evil, between truth and deceit, is never over. It is eternal because it is spiritual.

This morning I received, from one of my UK friends, a link to a report titled “Anger as European Commission asks British taxpayers for an extra ₤500”. This is the response of the unelected EUbosses to the millions of voices crying for an end to the tyranny. The reason given for the tax increase?

To aid the Ukrainians. Polls had shown that the Britons overwhelmingly rejected any involvement of the EU in Ukraine.

Do you hear us now? I’ll take that as a ‘no.’

I couldn’t help but think of Kipling’s Song of the Galley Slaves, a prophecy if there ever was one.

Song of the Galley-Slaves

By Rudyard Kipling 

We pulled for you when the wind was against us and the sails were low.   

          Will you never let us go? 

We ate bread and onions when you took towns, or ran aboard quickly when you were beaten back by the foe.

The Captains walked up and down the deck in fair weather singing songs, but we were below.

We fainted with our chins on the oars and you did not see that we were idle, for we still swung to and fro.   

            Will you never let us go? 

The salt made the oar-handles like shark-skin; our knees were cut to the bone with salt-cracks; our hair was stuck to our foreheads; and our lips were cut to the gums, and you whipped us because we could not row.

            Will you never let us go? 

But, in a little time, we shall run out of the port-holes as the water runs along the oar-blade, and though you tell the others to row after us you will never catch us till you catch the oar-thresh and tie up the winds in the belly of the sail. Aho!

            Will you never let us go?

 Finally, I also received this commentary by Steve Baldwinperfectly illustrating the difference between sovereignty and freedom.

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