Soros mourns the passing of the EU (Part III)

by Don Hank, Guest Contributor

Take a look at this exchange between Soros and Zakaria and keep in mind that the globalists and neocons are busy pinning all the troubles in Ukraine on the Russians.

ZAKARIA: […deletia…] … during the revolutions of 1989 [you] funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?

SOROS: Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now. [my highlighting]

Yet later in the same interview, Soros absurdly asserts: “Putin will try to destabilize Ukraine  …”

Did you catch that? Right after admitting that he himself had played a major role in destabilizing Ukraine to the extent of toppling an elected government, he accuses the Russians of plotting to destabilize Ukraine.

He then says: “…but the … large majority of Ukrainians are determined to be independent of Russia…”

Excuse me, George. If the large majority are determined to be independent of Russia, why did it take a division of your NGOs and German NGOs working in tandem with officials from the EU, Germany and the US (to the tune of $5 billion for the US alone) to persuade them to declare their independence? And why are so many people in Eastern Ukraine willing to take up arms to defend their right to be Russian (they are ethnic Russians. You know, analogously to the ethnic Americans at the then-Mexican Alamo)?

But here’s the main question: did your foundation warn the Ukrainians that the EU, the body you urged them to sign an association agreement with, was about to suffer economically “tragic” consequences—consequences you yourself were fully aware of in 2012? Why would you invest so much effort and energy in persuading the citizens of a country to stage a lethally violent coup to win the “right” to join an entity that you admitted was headed for a “tragedy”?  Particularly when they had a stable relationship with an indulgent partner country that supplied them with fuel and was never in a hurry to collect payment for it?

Referring to President Putin’s tightening of the media and internet, he says: “If you have freedom, free media and so on and a flourishing economy that would make his regime unsustainable.”

This could be true, in part. If Russia allows Western agents provocateurs free rein to spread anti-Russian propaganda, then of course, it might be possible to destabilize Russia, just as they destabilized Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc. After all, our own American agents provocateurs, for example, in Hollywood, the MSM, “education,” politics, academe and most professions, have destabilized the West to the point of virtual disintegration. They have discredited Judeo-Christian values, turning our country into a veritable brothel, spreading perversion in the schools in the name of ‘justice,’ charging the tax payer for abortions, forcing tax payers to pay for sex changes of prisoners while denying basic care to veterans, and have promoted Keynesianism, a variant of Marxism that has failed in the West just as miserably as communism failed in the East, leading to unsustainable debt and unfunded liabilities in both the US and Europe, a welfare system that pays almost half of Americans not to work, to the tune of about $1 trillion a year, creates division among races and between the sexes, leads us into war on a regular basis against countries that in most cases become our enemies only after we invade them (we call that aggression when other countries do it), and imports millions of immigrants, a disproportionate share of which are criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers, cartel enforcers and cold blooded killers, and much more. They have stolen not so much our personal freedom but our sovereignty.

Russia saw us get the freedom we wanted. Good and hard. Any wonder they aren’t having any?

Finally, let me say a few words about the so-called “far right” parties in Europe that won the bulk of the EU Parliament seats last week in their respective countries.

Soros and his ilk would like to confuse the ovine masses by conflating true Neo-Nazi parties like Greece’s Golden Dawn with the anti-EU parties in the core countries to the north.

Nice try, but the relatively sophisticated voters there know better.

I have been subscribed for some time to the newsletters of Marine LePen’s Front National and

Geert Wilders’ PVV (Freedom Party) and I have listened to their speeches in their native languages. Marine is a cultured, highly intelligent and decent lady whose utterances are respectful of all races. Like any honest French person, however, she has seen her country ravaged by intolerant Muslim radicals and is not afraid to speak out. Some are shocked. Her father was accused of some untoward statements and that is unfortunate. But Marine herself is a person who can be trusted, and the French, who are skittery about racism and the “far right,” have over the years, finally realized — despite the MSM’s accusations of the kind Soros makes in this interview — that she is simply a person who cares deeply about sovereignty and the French people and culture (I have explained here why I consider sovereignty in some ways more important than even individual freedom). Her love of sovereignty is altruistic, extending to sovereignty movements of other nations as well. She may be unique in that. It is a rare quality.

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