Thug Journalism, Chicago Style

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

“If it seems as though some scenes of CNN’s documentary series Chicagoland were coordinated by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall and the show’s producers, that’s because they were,” said the Chicago Tribune (emphasis added by me). We must praise the Tribune for its courage in printing this politically-incorrect truth. Would that all major news outlets show half that much character. CNN certainly does not. The Tribune’s commentary referred to yet another (yawn) demonstration of how American journalism has descended into a mire of propagandism that would make Pravda (the Soviet newspaper) jealous. The CNN production billed itself, one may infer, as an impartial documentary, seeking only the truth, no matter where the evidence would lead. As we say in the era of Twitter, LOL. The CNN production was a thinly disguised campaign advertisement for Rahm Emmanuel, at best disingenuous, at worst intentionally deceptive.

I get it. There is no point in conservatives whining about blatant press bias, no matter how extreme it is. It does as much good for us to complain, as it does for liberals to whine about how the average temperature of the earth is not cooperating with their dire predictions of global warming. The laws of nature are what they are, unfairness notwithstanding. The sun heats the earth, and the sun’s temperature is variable, thus the earth went back and forth repeatedly, from ice ages to temperate climates even before humans ever burned the first drop of petroleum. Much to the chagrin of eco-liberals, the vagaries of climate change do as they will, and they do so in total disregard of executive orders. Just as surely, a law of nature dictates that the dominant media will lie, cheat, distort and dissemble in order to promote liberal causes and the politicians who advance them. That’s just the way it is. Object to your heart’s content, but then get used to it.

Very well, we’re used to it, but that does not mean that we refuse to expose it. Liberals often get away with their journalistic misdeeds, but like the bank robber who has left fingerprints at the crime scene, they should always be looking over their shoulder, never smugly confident that they will never be held accountable. Let them feel at least slightly ashamed to look in the mirror.

With this in mind, let’s compare the Rahm Emmanuel so-called “documentary” with the news media treatment of New Jersey governor Chris Christie in the Bridge-gate scandal. That coverage convicted Christie based on zero evidence. No news organization promised Christie to portray him “as the star he really is,” as they promised Emmanuel. On the contrary, they feared that Christie might become an impediment to Hillary Clinton’s aspirations to become president, and so they had to “Palinize1 him as a preventive measure.

Likewise, having condemned Christie, CNN acquitted Emmanuel, not on the evidence, but quite the opposite, in defiance of overwhelming evidence. One might, with a sense of macabre humor, wonder why, with all their collusion and manipulation of their so-called news documentary, CNN did not arrange for the sky-high murder rate in Emmanuel’s city to decrease, at least until the ratings were in.

It is also telling that CNN, in previous reporting, damned with faint praise, at best, the one moment in Emmanuel’s tenure as mayor in which he defied the Chicago teacher’s union when it made unreasonable demands on the city’s taxpayers. To be sure, merely faint praise was appropriate—Emmanuel is no Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, who despite furious political tactics by the far left, forced the teacher’s unions into a semblance of sanity (2011 conflict with the teacher’s union, state senate2). Emmanuel missed that opportunity to shine. He could have, indeed should have, tamed his extremist base by rewarding students, not the unions. That would have provided an excellent addition to the next printing of John F. Kenney’s Profiles in Courage. Liberal politicians do have courage, don’t they? Would I be overusing the acronym, LOL?

Instead, Emmanuel, in the CNN puff piece, selects one promising student, and decides to help him succeed. That is admirable, but why only one? Why use that one, deserving student as a political prop? Why not smash the pervasive corruption that makes so much of the Chicago public school system the de facto financial property of the unions? Why not break the grip that crushes so many thousands of deserving students? Emmanuel could do this.

Why doesn’t he? For one thing, Chicago is, much to the misfortune of its public school students, not in Wisconsin.


1 Palinize means, in this context, to do what many in the news media did to Sarah Palin–in other words, to relentlessly lie about, distort and vilify a prominent conservative who poses a threat to the political objectives of the radical left ~ Robert Arvay


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