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  1. Regarding Monica Lewinsky and the present 'news' babble:Those of us who had long ago forsaken the dominant media culture (Lamestream media), because we understood that they had become shameless preachers for the Religious Left's social/political agenda, knew at least a week in advance about the Blue Dress, the Intern and the Semen Stain, mostly because of Matt Drudge and his Drudgereport. We waited, tapping our toes, for the Six O'Clock News to report anything, anything at all, and we watched them stonewall and resist the inevitable truth.Let us not forget that ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR and big print 'news' media uniformly went fortress and refused to report on the story or release any information they had on the cigar-prodding activities of the Commander in Briefs and his bimbo Oral Office bonkmate. If it had not been for alternative news sources which refused to be silent, the story would have been buried and Sick Willie would never have been caught or Impeached.No one would ever have known.Lamestream eventually participated, but their reporting was tepid and full of finger-pointing at conservatives for daring to criticize the Clintons.Instead of shredding Bill Clinton for sexual dalliances while our military repeatedly asked for his okay to take out Bin Laden, Lamestream protected him.The fact is if this had been a Republican President, they would have eviscerated him.Viewed in this light, is it logical to expect that Lamestream will give major airtime or columns of news print to House Special Committee hearings and investigations?They will do their best to spike the story and confuse their remaining audience with attack pieces on key figures such as Gowdy and Issa.And isn't it interesting that Monica Lewinsky names Matt Drudge as a bad guy who made her life miserable?Ladies and gentlemen, Lamestream 'news' media are all Lewinsky's, performing whatever acts their Democrat abusers demand.Do not count on them for anything in exposing the many ongoing White House scandals.You're on your own, citizens.

  2. Thanks for your comment and my apologies for my delay in responding. I've been dealing with health issue in my family and the sudden passing of a friend. When the Clinton scandal immediately broke, I was at the University of Illinois, majoring in Media Studies, and Bill Clinton came to campus to give a speech. The State of the Union was the night before the speech, and I was enrolled in wonderful course called The Press & The Presidency which detailed how the press interacted with each president and vice versa; since Clinton was coming to town the day after the State of the Union, the national press was in town, and as a class, we met with my professor and a Washington reporter at a nearby hotel and then went to the Illini Union to watch the State of the Union (I was actually interviewed by David Gregory [ugh] for the Today Show and MSNBC [ugh again]).But the point of this story is … when I drove from the hotel to campus with the Washington reporter, she started talking to me about my thoughts on the Clinton affair/scandal and she voluntarily told me that the Washington press knew Clinton was having numerous affairs for years … and the press never reported or said anything to protect him. It's been a while, but I believe the phrase she used was "there are countless women." So, the media knew of the affairs for years, and they did nothing, said nothing, all to protect their Liberal president. This isn't how the press is supposed to work.Clinton is a prime example of how the media has been derelict in their duties for decades when it comes to their story selection … and their manipulation … and their skewing. And it reached a point with Obama that we've never seen before. And I agree with you … the mainstream media are all Monicas. That is an amazing analogy. And think of how many stories from Clinton that were never reported, and even more so, imagine how many Obama stories have been squelched by the media that continually protects their philandering boyfriend. Examples: mainstream coverage of Benghazi, Fast & Furious and the IRS. I recently saw an interview with Pat Caddell where he mentioned that the "bad guy" in Benghazi is the press who have "failed this country." So true.

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