Force and Power

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

The standoff in Nevada between the federal government and supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy is not about cattle. It is about freedom, but more than that, it is about force and power.

I grew up in an era when force and power were in the hands of the good guys – and we were the good guys.

We, the good guys, won wars against bad guys. Murderers were put to death, not made into celebrities. Marriage was the norm. Children grew up in two-parent families. Freedom of speech did not mean getting shouted down.

Although we were the good guys, we were not the perfect guys. We had our flaws, some of them serious, but the direction of society was toward improvement.

That has changed. Power now rests in the hands of the bad guys, and the bad guys are willing to use force to get what they want. The direction of society is now toward tyranny.

What do the bad guys want?

They are socialist authoritarians who plan to implement ultra-liberal policies. They envision a society where everything is either mandatory or forbidden. Freedom, liberty and individualism are anathema to their goals. They view the traditions of marriage and family as impediments to their utopian ideas. They have no tolerance for any expressions of thought with which they do not fully agree. They believe that there are too many humans on the planet, that humans are a pollutant which must be reduced. Those few humans who are allowed to remain alive must obey the dictates of the new world order. That world order will be rigidly structured. Its subjects (there will be no citizens) will live where they are told to live, eat what they are told to eat, and work for “the greater good.” The greater good will be defined by those at the top of the social pyramid. Whatever benefits the elites will be required; whatever they dislike will be forbidden.

All information will be controlled by a minister of propaganda. Entertainment will be carefully designed to promote the interests of the elites. The servant class will be educated to accept the authority of the elites. Any humans in excess of the needs of the elites will be eliminated.

It is useless to warn people that this is the plan. Few will believe it. Those who do believe it, or those who simply suspect the motives and competence of the elites, will be ridiculed, marginalized and where necessary, silenced by intimidation, threats, or actual violence, to include lethal violence.

For their plan to work, the elites must gain sufficient power, and they must exercise overwhelming force.

It has happened before. History is replete with examples, from the ancient kingdoms to the modern tyrannies. Always before, the limits of power have reduced the capacity of the authoritarians to fully implement their goals. Always before, the empires have decayed and fallen. Now, however, the limits on power are less than ever before in history.

Power is now mostly in the hands of the elites, and that power is increasing. Nothing c
an stop them – except for the one power that has always stopped them before.

A popular uprising is the only antidote to tyranny. Pray that it comes not too late.

2 thoughts on “Force and Power

  1. Clive Bundy is a thief who steals from society and the good American taxpayer to subsidise his business. This isn't a socialist country I shouldn't have to make up the difference to the government in my taxes just because he doesn't want to pay land fees.

  2. Hi Robert…I totally agree with you..Those of us with our eyes open have seen this coming.For me, the stance of the citizens in Nevada was the first good thing I've seen happen in a long time.No telling what the "official" response will be, but for one moment there, I felt like I was in America again.I pray that Americans will open their eyes and stand against the tyranny that is eating us alive.Sharon

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