Battleground: Nevada?

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2 More Heroes Emerge

From Fort Hood Shooting

As investigators continue to puzzle over the motive of Fort Hood 
gunman Ivan Lopez, two more tales of heroism during the 
shooting have emerged: 

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Mozilla CEO Only the Latest Victim — 
Al-’Gay’da Terrorists Targeted Hundreds Over Prop 8

An elderly couple who put a Yes on 8 sign in their yard had a
block thrown through their window.


A senior citizen who placed a pro-Prop-8 bumper sticker on
her car had her car’s rear window smashed in.


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More Moms Staying Home,

Reversing Decades long Decline

In 2012, 29% of all mothers with children under age 18 stayed at 
home, a figure that has steadily risen since 1999 when 23% of 
mothers were stay-at-home, the Pew Research Center reported 
Tuesday. The share of stay-at-home moms had been dropping 
since 1967, when about half of all moms stayed home. 
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Militias Are On Route to Help 
Cliven Bundy Face Off With Feds

CBS reports that militias from Texas, Montana, Utah, New 
Hampshire, and Florida will be standing with Bundy against 
the Bureau of Land Management.

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Scorned Wife Who Donated Kidney

to Husband Wants it Back. Whaa?

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The new Washington War Machine,

That’s Washington , Iowa, Population 7000

Here’s a story from Washington, Iowa, where the local police have 
recently acquired an MRAP vehicle through a Defense 
Department program

If you’re having a bad day, I highly recommend watching a video 
produced by the Des Moines Register in which Washington police 
officials try to justify the possession of a vehicle it clearly has no 
use for.

This incident reflects the out-of-control militarization of the police 
that’s been occurring across small towns and big cities from Los 
Angeles to Waterville, Maine. 

The effects of cops moving from handguns to assault rifles and 
being equipped with tanks, bazookas, and Kevlar has been 

Hat Tip to Sharon of Alabama

Obama’s press secretary decorates 
home with Soviet propaganda 

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his family are featured
in a worshipful profile in this month’s Washingtonian magazine.
But keen observers may notice the kitchen decor in the photo: Soviet
propaganda posters. They really are the perfect pop of color whether 
you are the dour and sincere Nikita Khrushchev or the cheeky press-
wrangler for a president who is constantly accused of being a socialist
himself. –Michael Brendan Dougherty

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Hat Tip to Kana Michelle

“We the People”

Constitution Tie

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Federal SWAT Team Backs Down In Armed 

Standoff With Militia, Will Return Cattle 


Sat, Apr 12, 1:01pm, Pacific – “It was strange to see armed ranchers 
and militias stand off against a federal SWAT team under a bridge 
in a desert wash,” Darby said. “After a few tense moments, the feds 
agreed to retreat
 and allow the ranchers and the militia to guide the 
remaining cattle back to tracts of land used by the Bundy ranch. Both 
sides were demanding the other disarm first. Both the ranchers and 
law enforcement refused; ultimately the federal agents began to walk 
backwards behind retreating vehicles and leave the area.

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They Say…

The Constitution Says… 

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