Sniper Attack Was Just Practice—the Real Thing is Coming to Your House

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

In 2009, I wrote the following, which has since come eerily close to reality.

My premonition:  One morning we will awaken to darkness and silence. No radio. No TV. No phone service of any kind. No electricity, no water, no gas. No shipments of food. The sky will be dark, with what? Was it a nuclear explosion? A supervolcano? A meteor? Rumors will abound. And somewhere, somehow, armies will be forming. One of them will be fed and equipped with federal stockpiles. The others will be starving and raiding for food. In that day, men will speak only two kinds of utterance:  Curses or prayers.

In April of 2013, a well-organized, professionally executed sniper attack was launched against a PG&E power substation in California, by persons unknown. The attack did not bring down the power grid, but that is small comfort to the experts in this field. That is because the attack was apparently a dry run, a practice exercise, for a much larger attack, by numerous teams operating at the same time, sometime in the future. Few people appreciate how easily a skilled and determined organization could make this happen. The entire nation could lose electric power, and the damage might cripple our national power grid for years to come. This is not hyperbole. Anyone familiar with the giant transformers that are used in power plants well understands the danger. Those transformers, unlike the ones you commonly see on power lines, are each custom made by hand, and are enormously expensive and time consuming to produce, deliver and install. They are easily destroyed, even by simple overheating. The sniper attack was aimed at disabling the cooling fans.

One estimate is that, if the US power grid were to suddenly be crippled, the effects might be so long lasting, and so devastating, that within a year, ninety percent of all people in the US would be dead. Yes, that’s right, dead. However apocalyptic that may sound, it is not scare-mongering. The United States is no longer a nation in which ninety percent of the population consists of self-sustaining farmers living off the land. Only about one percent of Americans live on farms, and most farms are heavily reliant on the power grid. There are not enough oxen to plow the fields that feed us.

When the power grid goes down, it will take everything with it, including rail transport, the water supply, communications, military defenses, factories—and very much more. Major cities contain only enough food to last a week, and not much drinkable water. With no food coming in, people will have to forage, and that means looting on a massive scale.

All of a sudden, the survivalists will not be seen as lunatics anymore. Even they will have great difficulty getting to their hidden bunkers unseen by looters, but if they can last a month or so, they may well be among the very few long-term survivors of a world that will have seen a sort of Armageddon.

Once the power grid is down—and it will have gone down suddenly, unexpectedly and catastrophically—all communications will abruptly be cut off. Your telephone will not work, nor will your cell phone. Gas stations will quickly run out of fuel, and the refineries will not be able to replace the lost gasoline. Within a few days, we will be living like the settlers of the mid 1800s, except without their skills. The irony is, there actually was a large scale destruction of electrical power lines in the mid-1800s, caused by a solar flare—but the only serious result was a loss of telegraph stations. That was pretty much all the advanced electronic technology there was at the time.

Today, by contrast, electric power is literally life and death to us. Anyone who has been in a major power outage knows how terribly it affected their lives, and how much worse it would have been had not food and water been brought into the affected areas in time to prevent starvation.

The only advice one can give is if you are not into the full blown survivalist thing, at least store up a few days’ worth of food and water. Be prepared to defend it against looters and prepare yourself spiritually for the anguish that is to come.

Here are two video reports if you are interested in learning more.

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