Translation: Text of Geert Wilders’ speech in Ukraine debate

It is invaluable to have information on events in Europe that parallel events transpiring here. A little while ago, we learned that US lawmakers had fast-tracked $1 billion for Ukraine. Even as Americans face cuts in salaries and hefty Obamacare costs. Wilders doesn’t mince words. I think you will enjoy this. 

Don Hank


PVV Newsletter

Text of Geert Wilders’ speech in Ukraine debate

Mr Verhofstadt and Van Baalen [Members of European Parliament (MEPs), Guy Verhofstadt is Belgian and Hans van Baalen is Dutch] went to Kiev. They wanted to make history. There they stood in a square full of people, including National Socialists, Jew-haters and other anti -democrats. People with helmets and baseball bats. They went where the revolutionaries hang out. On stage, they tried to stir up the mob even more.

Mr Verhofstadt spoke in no uncertain terms. He talked about a fight, a fight. That is what Brussels supports. And with money. The leader of the VVD [Party for Freedom and Progress], Mr Van Baalen, stood beside him cheering, clenched fists held high.

Shame on them. These shameless Europhiles and their dreams of empire.

Now we have always been told that the EU stands for peace. But now that these two characters have appeared on stage, we know better. The EU stands for war provocation.

Ukraine is still a big mess. Dutch taxpayers are on the hook to fix it. The country tops the list of corrupt countries. All the money you send there disappears.

Last week, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Rutte, said that tax cuts for the Netherlands is not in the cards. Netherlands craves lower taxes and lower excise duties. But Prime Minister says that won’t happen. However, they’ve managed to scrape together 11 billion euros, including Dutch money, for the Ukraine.

Meanwhile excise taxes are still high, income taxes are sky-high. Meanwhile, nursing homes are being shuttered. But there’s plenty of money for Ukraine. Matter of priorities.

It would be good if the prime minister had the intestinal fortitude to explain this here tonight, but he has to campaign. He’s sitting tonight in a cafe in the beautiful Roosendaal to tell you why everyone should vote VVD. He thinks this is more important than being accountable to Parliament for that 11 billion being sent to Ukraine. Mr Rutte holds the voter in low esteem.

Now if you need help and want to stay in a nursing home in the Netherlands you’re out of luck. But if you live in Ukraine these days, you’ve got it made. That country takes the prize. At one time, we could support Greece. And all the other countries in the South. Now our money is going towards the bottomless pit of ultra- corrupt Ukraine.

Now this cannot and should not be. Hence the following motion:

The Chamber,
having heard the deliberations,

whereas the European Commission proposes to give billions of euros of European money, including Dutch money, to Ukraine,
believes that not one penny of Dutch tax money should be given to Ukraine,

and requests that the government makes certain that not one penny of Dutch tax money goes to Ukraine,

and proceeds to the order of the day.


Translated from the Dutch by Don Hank

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