This is What Happens When Clowns Run the Circus

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

What did we expect? What did anyone expect? How could clowns possibly conduct foreign policy?

The last Democrat president to practice statesmanship was Harry Truman. His last two secretaries of state were George C Marshall and Dean Acheson; both had achievements and resumes that make Obama’s appointees to these positions look to be the rank amateurs they are. Neither Hillary Clinton nor John Kerry can hold a candle to them – both are politicians, not statesmen by any stretch of the imagination.

Truman took office at the most critical moment of World War II, facing the most momentous decision with which any president has been burdened. He ordered nuclear bombs to be used against Japan, a fanatical enemy which was using suicide bombers to kill thousands of Americans. It was a decision which could well have gone terribly wrong. Had the bombs not been used, a land invasion of Japan could have cost a million allied casualties, and the outcome could easily have been a Russian occupation of Tokyo, just as in Berlin.

If the bombs were used, but failed to detonate, the technology could have fallen into enemy hands. Given that very little was known about radiation poisoning, American troops could have been sent into contaminated areas, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, disfigurements and subsequent birth defects at proportions unimaginable.

This was not a time for political calculations. It was not a time to plan the next election campaign. It was not a time to play politics for personal advantage.

Contrast this to the Obama administration, where every decision is based on winning the next election, and where every one of those decisions is predictably disastrous to our national interests.

Libya, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Egypt, and now Ukraine, populate the list of Obama failures. Enemies of the U.S. who once dreaded our every word of warning, now openly laugh in our faces. Allies who once came to our side, confident in our leadership, now distrust us, and go their own way, to our detriment.

This is what happens when clowns run the circus. What did we expect? What did anyone expect?

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