by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

It is better to be ruled by bad laws than by good men. Bad laws can be changed. Good men can become bad men, after which, it is difficult to displace them.

Throughout its history, the United States has survived as a nation ruled by law, not by men. The Founders of our nation designed our system to ensure that principle. Now it is becoming undone.

Dr. Ben Carson has been excoriated by liberals for his recent assertion that there are parallels between Barack Obama’s rule by edict, and the rise of Nazism in 1930s Germany —but the principle Carson enunciates is valid. When I marched with the TEA Party in Washington DC in 2009, one of my fellow protesters wore a sign that simply read, “Germany 1933.” Enough said. That was the year that proved to be the beginning of the end, of what had formerly been a civilized and democratic republic. It was the beginning of mass murders, genocide, concentration camps, millions upon millions of dead, and the skeletonization of once beautiful cities across Europe and elsewhere.

It can happen here.

Indeed, Dr. Carson is warning us of this very real danger. We have a president who openly flouts the law, and who boasts of doing so. Even Jonathan Turley, a prominent liberal, a Constitutional professor and attorney at George Washington University Law School, and a supporter of Barack Obama, stated on Fox News, “You have a president who is claiming the right to basically rewrite, or ignore, or negate federal laws. That is a dangerous thing.”

In other words, even if you agree with Obama’s policies, Turley warns us that no policy, however praiseworthy, can succeed if its methods are unconstitutional. The ends do not justify the means. Breaking eggs is fine for making omelets, but not for instituting public policy.

I hope that Turley’s wise and welcome outspokenness does not come too late. Many people, long before Turley’s present warning, recognized that Obama, even from before the beginning of his national prominence, has been associated with Chicago thugs (Tony Rezko), domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers), and anti-American spokesmen (Jeremiah Wright.)

Yes, these associations are old news, but these references are not merely part of Obama’s past, they remain formative influences in his present outlook. Even during his presidency, Obama used the language of street thugs to encourage his followers to intimidate political opponents. When he instructed his minions to “get in their face,” he was not being symbolic. He meant exactly that, and that was what his thugs did, from the lowest level “town hall” appearances by congressmen, to the highest level of the Internal Revenue Service (Lois Lerner).

Obama’s pen is proving mightier than the proverbial sword. With it, he signs executive orders that the Founders would have abhorred. With a compliant senate, and a timid federal court system, Obama is engineering his rise to power from a mere president, to a dictator.

Let us not seek comfort in the seemingly small power of that pen. It is the prelude to much greater power. Already powerful and corrupt, Barack Obama seeks total power—and as we already know, the result of that is absolute corruption.

As Jonathan Turley is warning us, we will eventually loathe our present silence. Carpe diem.

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