Atheism and the Future

by Robert Arvay

Atheism fails on every level. It fails philosophically, morally, politically, and even in the area often considered its strongest suit, scientifically. 

According to atheist philosophy, there is no objective purpose in life, unless one considers metabolism to be a lofty purpose.  According to atheism, when we die, we are extinguished into an oblivion in which we are neither rewarded for our good deeds, nor held accountable for our sins.  Indeed, according to atheist reasoning, there is no such thing as objective good, nor is anything actually evil.  Such concepts are considered to be mere opinions, not facts. 

Morally, atheism cannot debunk the argument made for sociopathy, absurd as that argument is.  The sociopath argues that if his hideous deeds need any justification, his own selfishness is more than justification enough. Atheism has no sufficient answer to that. 

Politically, atheism has been embraced by sociopathic, totalitarian dictators who have murdered millions, enslaved countless more, and condemned their populations to lives of hardship, dominated by brutal suppression of their freedoms. Political systems based in Christian and Jewish teachings, long ago discarded brutality as a substitute for representative government as inconsistent. No degree of brutality is inconsistent with the belief that there is no God. 

Finally, atheism falls back on its final stronghold, science, to demonstrate its supremacy over religious belief. Examined more closely, however, science not only fails to debunk the God of the Bible, it affirms Him. Indeed, recent theories in science are unwittingly acknowledging that physical reality cannot be explained by physical reality alone. The “many universes hypothesis” is a step in that direction, borne of desperation by atheists to find a naturalist material explanation for the divinely fine-tuned nature of our universe.

Ironically, while atheism is bankrupt as a philosophy, those who believe in it can be ordinary, decent people of good will. The irony in this is that benevolent atheists get their benevolence not from atheism, but from traditions that are rooted in religious belief. They may be unconscious of this fact, because Judeo-Christian traditions have permeated our social customs for a very long time.

The danger in atheism is that while our religious traditions are eroding, atheism has increasing influence, displacing much of the social influence of our religious traditions.

As religious teachings continue to decline in influence, atheism will increasingly dominate. This will result in the inevitable implementation of a social utility principle, which is more a form of financial accounting than of justice. Such a principle in turn gives rise to a society that incorporates both the welfare state, and its necessary enabler, the despotic state. Such a state, ever more devoid of conscience, gives rise to massive levels of abortion, euthanasia, and finally, to elimination from society of anyone and everyone who is deemed inconvenient, that is to say, inferior or without utility. In such a society, personal liberties will vanish for the common man. Under the ruse of “the greater good,” individuals will exist only for the state, meaning that they will exist only for the benefit of those at the uppermost levels of power.

Can such a condition actually become a reality? We have already entered its first stage. 

To appearances, the United States is a constitutional republic with democratic values. At least on paper it is. Anyone who actually believes that the ordinary citizen enjoys the rights and powers recognized by the Constitution is woefully misinformed.

Rights explicitly guaranteed to the people and the states under the Constitution are routinely violated by those in power, while so-called rights that are nowhere to be found in the Constitution have been invented based on anything but the explicit pronouncements of that document. Your explicitly stated right to free speech can be selectively taxed out of any meaningful practice (just ask Lois Lerner), while politicians confiscate your hard-earned money and give it to people who have no right to it at all. These people then vote for more of this corruption, as you and your children are saddled with debt, and deprived of your inalienable right to liberty.

This condition could not arise in a culture governed by the Judeo-Christian ethic. It can arise only in a society where citizens have been deceived into trusting that the people in government are wiser and more benevolent than the ordinary citizen. Government is becoming a god, the false god, of secularism.

Excessive power has corrupted the federal government. As its influence continues to increase, its power will become not merely excessive, but absolute—and so will its corruption. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad 

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