The Bad Samaritan

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

We are commanded by God to help the poor. It is our duty to feed and clothe them, and even to house them. The Good Samaritan described in the Bible exemplified obedience to this command.

We, as Americans, are not helping the poor. We are turning them into an underclass, a class of the permanently destitute, a class of dependent vote-slaves who are deprived of the dignity of self-sufficiency.

The Good Samaritan in the Bible took money out of his own pocket, and developed a personal, continuing interest in the welfare of the man whom he had rescued from death after a beating and robbery by thieves. He paid an innkeeper, not a bartender, to look after the man for as long as he needed help.

The Good Samaritan did not run to the government, nor did he demand that a tax be levied to insulate himself from interaction with the man who, through no fault of his own, was impoverished after suffering terrible misfortune. By the way, if the victim had been depending on the police to protect him, well, they were nowhere nearby.

Today in America, to be on government welfare is a blessing to some, but a curse to many. Not only are too many welfare recipients condemned to a life in which they have little incentive to improve their own lot, but also cursed are the many members of society who are taxed to subsidize indolence, and even, to pay the terrible price of being victimized by violent criminals who are in large part nurtured by the welfare system.

Liberals are quick to accuse our military of producing more terrorists by fighting terrorism, but they are loathe to accuse the welfare system of encouraging out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and fatherless homes in which young men turn to crime, while their sisters turn to pregnancy as a means of getting taxpayer dollars.

The welfare system has created resentful donors and ungrateful recipients. Too many of those on welfare do not acknowledge that the money in their pockets is provided by hardworking taxpayers. They claim that the money comes from “the government,” not from you. While purporting to need money to feed their families, there is no shortage of welfare recipients who spend large sums of money on tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs – all paid for by you – as you struggle to afford the bare essentials for your own family.

Those who criticize this counterproductive system are accused of being selfish, heartless, and even racist. Those whose political careers are enhanced by perpetuating dysfunction among the poor are praised as being compassionate and caring.

It is long past time to implement major reforms in the welfare system. Those reforms must be harsh. The truly needy must be separated from those whose behavior is the cause of their poverty. The truly needy should be cared for at the local level, where those who pay the freight can readily see the results of their good work.

The rest must be ejected from the system, either to make their own way, or to bear themselves the cost of their indolence, rather than to foist that cost upon others.

Unfortunately, this reform will never come about while politicians run the welfare plantation. It is up to you to vote them out of office.

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