14 Things That I Wonder About …

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

1. When Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty went into disgusting detail about homosexual practices, why was he the one accused of being disgusting?

2. When discussing racism, why do we get the feeling that one wrong word will bring accusations of racism?

3. Why aren’t we supposed to call illegal aliens illegal aliens?

4. What, exactly, is a smidgen? (It must be more than “massive.”)

5. Just how many people are offended by the football term, “Redskins?” Who are they? How offended are they?

6. When is it our turn to be offended?

7. Why is it okay to mock Jesus, but not Mohammed?

8. If government spending is an investment, where can I sell my stock?

9. When I call a phone number and am asked to press one for English, o dos para Espanol, what number do I press for Korean ( 한국말)?

10. If we are supposed to trust the NSA to keep secrets, how did Snowden steal them? Who got fired for that oversight?

11. If Lois Lerner did nothing criminal, then how on earth could her testimony possibly incriminate her?

12. What amendment to the US Constitution allows federal, state and local governments to infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms?

13. When man-hating feminists vote, do they ever wonder who voted them the right to vote?

14. If communist countries are atheistic, why do they conduct funerals?

Just wondering …

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