Senate’s Frantic Distraction Efforts in Snowden Affair

by Don Hank, Guest Contributor to The Bold Pursuit

They’re doing damage control again.

Instead of giving you the big news, linked here:

… the media and U.S. officials give you this:

The article linked first is the big news, and the important news for all who love liberty and want to see our government exposed for the un-Constitutional infringer of privacy rights that it is (first link above). The MSM and the US Senate have conspired to show that Snowden is the crook and that the NSA and the current administration have done no wrong and are simply looking out for your interests by massively eavesdropping on your conversations.

Yet, according to Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich,

“if the Americans intercepted cellphones in Germany, they broke German law on German soil.” He added wiretapping is a crime and “those responsible must be held accountable.”  

Of course, you can say that Snowden has technically broken his contract with the government, whereby he agreed not to disclose government secrets.

However, this promise on his part was predicated on a misconception, namely that the US government was not violating the rights of individuals or breaking any laws, that the government was above reproach in the performance of its duty to keep Americans safe, and that your safety was its paramount concern. However, once Snowden saw the massive unprecedented data harvesting program against all US and other citizens – including allies – it became his legal duty to blow the whistle.

How so you ask?

The answer is the verdict at the Nuremberg Trials. This verdict came not from a foreign organization but from US judges, legal experts who sat in court in Nuremberg after the war. Their verdict, and hence, their message to the world was that even if a person occupies an official position in a government (as Nazi war criminals did), if that government is violating human rights, that official has the duty to refuse orders and do what is morally right.

So far-reaching and influential were the Nuremberg trials that this novel legal precept was soon accepted as part of International Law.

Yet now that the shoe is on the other foot, US officials are pretending the Nuremberg trials either never happened or never had this world-changing outcome. Or worse, they are acting as if this new precept only applies to other countries, notably those hostile to the US. An extraordinarily ethnocentric viewpoint that has no place in any serious discussion of international law.

Thus their morality is malleable and subject to change at a moment’s notice, and it depends not on any higher principles of right vs wrong, but on one very base, despicable notion: political expediency at all costs.

So keep this in mind when you read these two above-linked articles.

As for the second one, remember that it was specifically the Germans who were targeted by the above-described novel jurisprudential precept that emerged at Nuremberg.

Today, at this very moment, Ed Snowden is expected to be heard as a witness on behalf of the European Court, and one of the issues discussed will be precisely how the US violated German law and hence the human rights of Germans. What went around came around and we weren’t prepared.

In his testimony, Snowden will have the opportunity to throw the American made Nuremberg verdicts back in the face of the government that is rushing to judgment against him.

Reprinted with permission

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