Ruled by Idiots, Crushed by Reality

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” David Solway’s article [see the link at the end] contains this quote from Sir Winston Churchill.

I cannot write better than Solway, but I think I can write more plainly, as his vocabulary is far superior to mine. So, using his article as inspiration for this one, I am going to express points similar to his, but according to my own limited ability—while at the same time, strongly recommending that you read Solway’s excellent article in its entirety.

Solway hits several nails on several heads. I would state them this way. Tyranny cannot succeed simply by the force of power exercised by a single tyrant and his small group of assistant thugs. Tyranny requires a large population of weak people to enable that tyranny. That weakness resides not in their muscles and bones, but in their brains and in their hearts.

In the United States today, the citizenry has abdicated its Constitutional powers by abandoning its Constitutional responsibilities, first and foremost of which is to have actually read the document, not to mention having some basic knowledge about its contents. The Congress has violated its Constitutional duty by refusing to read bills before passing them into law. Judges routinely make law, rather than applying them. The president openly sneers at both the Congress and the courts, deeming himself above the law.

All of this comes right back to the ordinary citizen, and this criticism is not merely about getting poor grades in a civics class, but rather, the failure to protect our children and grandchildren from a swiftly emerging tyranny, one every bit as destructive as those which brought ruin to Germany and Japan in the 1930s and 40s.

Many of us chuckle at the man-in-the street interviews with ordinary citizens who do not know the name of the Vice President, who think that the Constitution divides the government into two branches, Republican and Democrat. But there is nothing funny about it. It is as if they were being asked to recommend a diet for schoolchildren, and they prescribe one that contains large doses of a deadly poison.

Adolph Hitler was funny—until he wasn’t.

What can we do?

A better question is, what will we do? There is no avoiding reality. The consequence of national ignorance on the present scale is national death.

What will happen is that there will be a major crisis of such dire proportions that the present system will collapse. This is not rocket science. The economic policy of the United States is to continually spend more money than it has, to borrow more than it can repay, and to print so much currency that it will soon become worthless. This policy is exactly what brought the German republic to such ruin that the people turned to the Nazis, thinking that that would make matters better. Instead, it killed millions of people for nothing gained.

What will the crisis be? If it is not economic collapse, it will be because something worse happens sooner. International war may break out, as our foreign policy is to alienate our allies and empower our enemies. Civil unrest might burn down our cities—on a much larger scale than has already happened. An actual political coup d’état is possible, either from the left or the right. Technological disasters are possible, such as massive credit card fraud that crushes our banking system. The list of possible terminal crises is very long indeed.

Into the chaos brought about by the next massive crisis, into the power vacuum thus created, there will step an opportunist, a tyrant.

The question then becomes, not what will the nation do, but what will you do, what will I do?

Make a plan. Follow it.



The Reign of Collective Stupidity

By David Solway

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