The Palinization of Chris Christie

by Robert Arvay, Contributing Writer

It would be difficult to mistake me for being a fan of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I am not, not even close. I am, however, dismayed as I witness the orchestrated attacks designed to destroy him politically.

Before I express that dismay, I must confess to a bit of schadenfreude, which for those unfamiliar with this German word, is translated to mean taking delight in another person’s misfortune.

My tiny bit of schadenfreude comes from the fact that Christie seems to have thought that by “making nice” to Democrats, they would go easier on him than they would otherwise do. Foolish thought! One cannot say that Christie got what he deserved, but neither can one say that he was completely innocent in knowingly playing with snakes. He got bitten, and I am ashamed to say that I do not feel his pain.

It is easy to understand why Christie would make this mistake. He got elected with a heavy dose of Democrat votes. Christie mistook this support from the left as a sign that they would play fair, when in fact, it was simply that the voters hated the Democrat governor, Jon Corzine, who preceded Christie, even more than they hate Christie, and needed to clean out the state-house.

The disdain of New Jersey Democrats was not an easy task for Corzine to accomplish. He had to work hard at it, else we might not even know Christie’s first name. Corzine had to immerse himself neck deep in scandals, and to govern with such obvious ineptitude that it boggled the imaginations of even his supporters. (After he left office and took a top position with MF Global Holdings, Corzine could not account for one point two billion dollars – billions of dollars missing, unaccounted for, as in, “I do not know where the money went.” Billions, not millions – entrusted by investors to his oversight. Ineptitude is too weak a word to describe Corzine’s executive performance, in or out of office.)

To his great credit, Christie did, upon becoming governor, take on some of the Democrat Party’s sacred cows – or more appropriately, their golden calf, in the form of a teachers union that is radical and corrupt. This made him hated, of course, but only in the run-of-the mill sense; as such things go in Democrat-land. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin certainly overshadowed Christie in this regard.

While Christie’s push-back against the union initially made TEA Party conservatives take favorable notice of him, Christie did not regard that as sufficient to propel him to the presidency should he choose to run. To the contrary, he may well have disdained being identified with Constitutional conservatives. Taking for granted his moderate Republican support, Christie embarked (and this is my speculation) on a leftward course, that would garner Democrat support from not only his state, but from the nation at large.

Indeed, I speculated in another blog post that Christie may have (had) plans to seek not the Republican nomination, but the Democrat, thus becoming (I said half-seriously) the first candidate for the presidency to run on both major party tickets. If anyone could defeat Hillary Clinton in a Democrat primary (leaving aside Obama who is no longer eligible), it would be Christie.

All that has changed. It is, to make a very bad reference, water under the bridge.

Compared to the Obama scandals which actually killed people, Christie’s misdeeds amount at most to nothing more than a traffic jam and some dirty political tricks. They are certainly nothing at all compared to Hillary’s so-called Travelgate scandal, in which she actually tried to have people prosecuted for crimes of which she knew they were completely innocent, simply so she could replace them with friends as political favors.

The news media, however, have no inclination to report on Democrat scandals, not even when they reach the level of actual murder. Their every inclination is to destroy any perceived threat to the belated coronation of Hillary Clinton.

None of this should surprise Christie in the least. The object lesson for him is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who was actually tolerated by Democrats when she instigated investigations of corruption that sent Republicans to prison. She remained, in a sense, the Democrat’s favorite Republican governor until she became an actual threat to their presidential aspirations.

At that point, the Democrats, using their lapdog media, unleashed the most savage and relentless campaign of personal destruction ever seen in modern American politics. Even today, there are Americans who fervently hate Palin, while knowing nothing more about her than her name, even when they cannot spell it.

Governor Christie, welcome to Alaska.

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