The New Year is Delayed until January 15

In the latest “glitch” to plague the Obama-care program, Obama has, by executive order, delayed the    start of 2014 until January 15. The dates January 1 – 14 will be counted as year 2013.1, in order to distinguish them from those same dates earlier this year. 

This delay is necessary, Obama said, in order to keep his promise that the Obama-care fiasco would be fully operational before 2014.

Calendar makers have been ordered to burn all their old stock and print new calendars.

Calendar printers are worried that before January 15, more adjustments may be necessary.

Also, Obama has ordered that the month of July, originally named for Julius Caesar, be renamed in honor of himself.

Sarah Palin has endorsed this, suggesting that the month of July be re-named to, “Yu-Ly.”

Congressman Joe Smith (SC2) agreed.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to a The Patriot’s Notepad

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