Proof that the Government is Crazy

by Robert Arvay

In one sense it’s funny, but when tragedy strikes, and lives are destroyed, it’s not.

Let’s visit funny first. A few years ago, an experiment was conducted involving nuclear physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. The experiment was similar to experiments previously conducted in the US, but the LHC has more powerful colliders. Someone had asked whether the experiment could destroy the earth. The scientists replied, “We’re pretty sure that won’t happen.” Glenn Beck, a popular radio personality quipped, before taking that risk, don’t you think you should be more than just “pretty sure?”

Okay, having set the stage, now let’s talk on a more serious note. Let’s start with something code-named Starfish Prime.

On July 9, 1962, the US government detonated a nuclear bomb 800 miles from Hawaii and 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. The idea was to see if the effects would interfere with Soviet missile systems, including those aimed at the US.

At that altitude, 800 miles, the earth’s magnetosphere protects the earth from solar radiation that would otherwise kill off most life on earth. Destroying the magnetosphere, even temporarily, could be catastrophic on a global scale.

No one knew for sure what effect the nuclear blast would have. Would it destroy the magnetosphere? Someone thought that the experiment was worth the risk, and so the experiment was conducted.

Here is a quote from

“. . . Not only was the sky illuminated, but in Hawaii alone 300 street lights failed, TV and radios malfunctioned, burglar alarms went off, and several power lines fused. In low Earth orbit three satellites were immediately disabled, and some artificial radiation bands were created that eventually disabled 1/3 of the low orbit satellites in orbit.”

If that is not enough, here is another experiment that proves the government is crazy:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operation, the MK-ULTRA program, ran from 1953 to 1964. This involved giving LSD, a powerful hallucinogenic drug, to US citizens, without their permission, without their knowledge, and never telling them what had been done to them. Some of the subjects thought they had gone crazy, and committed suicide. Others behaved in bizarre and dangerous ways — sometimes with fatal consequence to themselves or others. Innocent people were fired from their jobs, because after having unknowingly taken the drug, they became irrational, undependable, and even dangerous. Some committed crimes due to the drug’s effects on them.

(Read more: The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America |

Here is yet more proof:

In 1950 through 1966, the U.S. government wondered how easy it would be for an enemy to conduct germ warfare on our soil, so they used various means to spread germs into the general populations of cities, and waited to see what would happen. The germs that were dispersed caused pneumonia in the victims. One victim’s family sued, but the court ruled that the government was immune to such lawsuits. Isn’t that convenient?

(More details of these experiments are at

The U.S. government has never been more powerful than it is now. It has never been less transparent and accountable to its citizens than it is now. Secret experiments continue to be conducted, and we can only guess at what they are and what, if any, safeguards are in place. One of these experiments is called HAARP, which projects high energy beams into the upper atmosphere that result in unknown, perhaps unknowable effects. Others, nameless, but known to have been conducted in years past, include the production of half-human, half animal hybrids. Other experiments involve projecting electronic beams to scramble the neural signals in the human brain.

The secrecy is compounded by the fact that different government agencies refuse to cooperate with other agencies because of turf wars. Everybody wants credit for things that go right, and to push off blame for things that go wrong … and so they do. They may not know how to do their jobs, they may not care about the Constitution, but they know how to get away with incompetence and corruption. Lois Lerner just happened to get caught by accident, and even she was never punished.

The motive in government is not to serve the public interest, but to serve the interest of the agency head. Every agency head wishes to get more funding, more power and more promotions. It is easy to file misleading reports, or no reports at all. It is easy to divert money from one project to another with no one being the wiser.

A billion dollars is a drop in the government bucket, with many billions being unaccounted for, while billions more are squandered on buildings that remain vacant, and warehouses that, when finally opened, contain vast stores of equipment that were purchased and never used, and which now are no longer usable.

To make a very long story short, your Uncle Sam is crazy. He has a gun. And his past record proves that he is more than willing to use it—on you.

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