Plastic Jesus?

by Robert Arvay

“A pentagon that fears a plastic Jesus and airmen who become emotionally troubled by the sight of one? Not very warrior like. Will they suffer nervous breakdowns if they get called up for combat? They sure don’t stack up to the retired Air Force guys that I know.” ~ Bruce ~

As a “retired Air Force guy,” I’d like to say thanks to Bruce.

The subject of Bruce’s comment was a Christmas Nativity display at Shaw Air Force Base that was Military Religious Freedom Foundationremoved by command orders, when someone complained. It was later restored after even more people complained about the censorship.

Let me be controversial here, and say that I don’t blame the atheists for fearing a plastic Jesus. Indeed, I do not think that it’s the plastic Jesus they fear, but rather, the real one, and for good reason.

Atheists would have a valid point, were it the policy of the government to require them to worship the God of the Bible, or to pay a tithe to the Church of America (calm down, there is no such church), or even to refrain from criticizing religious belief in general. All of those would be impositions on freedom, and freedom is as American as apple pie— actually, more so.

If Moslems or Hindus or Wiccans, etc., wish to put up a display, let them have equal access. Their right to freely express their opinions is as sacred as mine. Indeed, atheists have put up billboards in public, not only expressing their disbelief in God, but doing so in an offensive manner calculated to provoke militant reactions from Christians— you know, those same militant Christians who force women to cover their faces, who execute homosexuals, and who threaten to kill all the infidels— oh wait, those aren’t the Christians, are they?

Again I say, let me be controversial. The United States of America is a nation founded upon ideals taken from the Bible. While other traditions were included, the predominant thoughts that shaped our nation are Judeo-Christian. Those ideals would be the same today even if none of the Founders had been Moslem, Hindu or Wiccan— which in fact, none of them were.

But had none of the Founders been Christian, it is exceedingly doubtful that freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom to oppose those in power would have been important elements in our Constitution. To that extent, the nation should recognize, honor and celebrate our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Atheists should be grateful that they live in a Christian nation. This is especially true when one looks at the atheist nations. It is in those nations, the ones that persecute Christians, where atheists are free to be atheists, even commended for it. But there their freedoms end. Millions upon millions murdered by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others, put the lie to the myth that all wars are started by religions.

Christians are not forcing anyone to be Christians, nor even to stifle the speech of atheists. It is the secular atheists who are imposing on our freedoms. It is they who are telling us that our national institutions are off limits to us, beyond the boundaries of our freedoms to express our faith.

Were Jesus only a piece of plastic, I doubt that the atheists would fear Him. I think they know that.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer

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