The New Year is Delayed until January 15

In the latest “glitch” to plague the Obama-care program, Obama has, by executive order, delayed the    start of 2014 until January 15. The dates January 1 – 14 will be counted as year 2013.1, in order to distinguish them from those same dates earlier this year. 

This delay is necessary, Obama said, in order to keep his promise that the Obama-care fiasco would be fully operational before 2014.

Calendar makers have been ordered to burn all their old stock and print new calendars.

Calendar printers are worried that before January 15, more adjustments may be necessary.

Also, Obama has ordered that the month of July, originally named for Julius Caesar, be renamed in honor of himself.

Sarah Palin has endorsed this, suggesting that the month of July be re-named to, “Yu-Ly.”

Congressman Joe Smith (SC2) agreed.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to a The Patriot’s Notepad

Proof that the Government is Crazy

by Robert Arvay

In one sense it’s funny, but when tragedy strikes, and lives are destroyed, it’s not.

Let’s visit funny first. A few years ago, an experiment was conducted involving nuclear physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. The experiment was similar to experiments previously conducted in the US, but the LHC has more powerful colliders. Someone had asked whether the experiment could destroy the earth. The scientists replied, “We’re pretty sure that won’t happen.” Glenn Beck, a popular radio personality quipped, before taking that risk, don’t you think you should be more than just “pretty sure?”

Okay, having set the stage, now let’s talk on a more serious note. Let’s start with something code-named Starfish Prime.

On July 9, 1962, the US government detonated a nuclear bomb 800 miles from Hawaii and 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. The idea was to see if the effects would interfere with Soviet missile systems, including those aimed at the US.

At that altitude, 800 miles, the earth’s magnetosphere protects the earth from solar radiation that would otherwise kill off most life on earth. Destroying the magnetosphere, even temporarily, could be catastrophic on a global scale.

No one knew for sure what effect the nuclear blast would have. Would it destroy the magnetosphere? Someone thought that the experiment was worth the risk, and so the experiment was conducted.

Here is a quote from

“. . . Not only was the sky illuminated, but in Hawaii alone 300 street lights failed, TV and radios malfunctioned, burglar alarms went off, and several power lines fused. In low Earth orbit three satellites were immediately disabled, and some artificial radiation bands were created that eventually disabled 1/3 of the low orbit satellites in orbit.”

If that is not enough, here is another experiment that proves the government is crazy:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operation, the MK-ULTRA program, ran from 1953 to 1964. This involved giving LSD, a powerful hallucinogenic drug, to US citizens, without their permission, without their knowledge, and never telling them what had been done to them. Some of the subjects thought they had gone crazy, and committed suicide. Others behaved in bizarre and dangerous ways — sometimes with fatal consequence to themselves or others. Innocent people were fired from their jobs, because after having unknowingly taken the drug, they became irrational, undependable, and even dangerous. Some committed crimes due to the drug’s effects on them.

(Read more: The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America |

Here is yet more proof:

In 1950 through 1966, the U.S. government wondered how easy it would be for an enemy to conduct germ warfare on our soil, so they used various means to spread germs into the general populations of cities, and waited to see what would happen. The germs that were dispersed caused pneumonia in the victims. One victim’s family sued, but the court ruled that the government was immune to such lawsuits. Isn’t that convenient?

(More details of these experiments are at

The U.S. government has never been more powerful than it is now. It has never been less transparent and accountable to its citizens than it is now. Secret experiments continue to be conducted, and we can only guess at what they are and what, if any, safeguards are in place. One of these experiments is called HAARP, which projects high energy beams into the upper atmosphere that result in unknown, perhaps unknowable effects. Others, nameless, but known to have been conducted in years past, include the production of half-human, half animal hybrids. Other experiments involve projecting electronic beams to scramble the neural signals in the human brain.

The secrecy is compounded by the fact that different government agencies refuse to cooperate with other agencies because of turf wars. Everybody wants credit for things that go right, and to push off blame for things that go wrong … and so they do. They may not know how to do their jobs, they may not care about the Constitution, but they know how to get away with incompetence and corruption. Lois Lerner just happened to get caught by accident, and even she was never punished.

The motive in government is not to serve the public interest, but to serve the interest of the agency head. Every agency head wishes to get more funding, more power and more promotions. It is easy to file misleading reports, or no reports at all. It is easy to divert money from one project to another with no one being the wiser.

A billion dollars is a drop in the government bucket, with many billions being unaccounted for, while billions more are squandered on buildings that remain vacant, and warehouses that, when finally opened, contain vast stores of equipment that were purchased and never used, and which now are no longer usable.

To make a very long story short, your Uncle Sam is crazy. He has a gun. And his past record proves that he is more than willing to use it—on you.

Plastic Jesus?

by Robert Arvay

“A pentagon that fears a plastic Jesus and airmen who become emotionally troubled by the sight of one? Not very warrior like. Will they suffer nervous breakdowns if they get called up for combat? They sure don’t stack up to the retired Air Force guys that I know.” ~ Bruce ~

As a “retired Air Force guy,” I’d like to say thanks to Bruce.

The subject of Bruce’s comment was a Christmas Nativity display at Shaw Air Force Base that was Military Religious Freedom Foundationremoved by command orders, when someone complained. It was later restored after even more people complained about the censorship.

Let me be controversial here, and say that I don’t blame the atheists for fearing a plastic Jesus. Indeed, I do not think that it’s the plastic Jesus they fear, but rather, the real one, and for good reason.

Atheists would have a valid point, were it the policy of the government to require them to worship the God of the Bible, or to pay a tithe to the Church of America (calm down, there is no such church), or even to refrain from criticizing religious belief in general. All of those would be impositions on freedom, and freedom is as American as apple pie— actually, more so.

If Moslems or Hindus or Wiccans, etc., wish to put up a display, let them have equal access. Their right to freely express their opinions is as sacred as mine. Indeed, atheists have put up billboards in public, not only expressing their disbelief in God, but doing so in an offensive manner calculated to provoke militant reactions from Christians— you know, those same militant Christians who force women to cover their faces, who execute homosexuals, and who threaten to kill all the infidels— oh wait, those aren’t the Christians, are they?

Again I say, let me be controversial. The United States of America is a nation founded upon ideals taken from the Bible. While other traditions were included, the predominant thoughts that shaped our nation are Judeo-Christian. Those ideals would be the same today even if none of the Founders had been Moslem, Hindu or Wiccan— which in fact, none of them were.

But had none of the Founders been Christian, it is exceedingly doubtful that freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom to oppose those in power would have been important elements in our Constitution. To that extent, the nation should recognize, honor and celebrate our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Atheists should be grateful that they live in a Christian nation. This is especially true when one looks at the atheist nations. It is in those nations, the ones that persecute Christians, where atheists are free to be atheists, even commended for it. But there their freedoms end. Millions upon millions murdered by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others, put the lie to the myth that all wars are started by religions.

Christians are not forcing anyone to be Christians, nor even to stifle the speech of atheists. It is the secular atheists who are imposing on our freedoms. It is they who are telling us that our national institutions are off limits to us, beyond the boundaries of our freedoms to express our faith.

Were Jesus only a piece of plastic, I doubt that the atheists would fear Him. I think they know that.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer

There is only One Reason to Hate Christmas

by Robert Arvay 

Christmas is not a hate crime, but rather, the victim of one. 

Those who would suppress all mention of God from public property portray themselves as tolerant. They say that they don’t want to hurt the feelings of people who may not be Christians. Balderdash. They never raise a peep about feelings when some artist, even if at taxpayer expense, portrays Jesus in a manner that would get the artist beheaded if he portrayed Mohammed in the same manner. Their intent is not to protect anyone from anything. It is to crush any meaningful expression of Christianity. 

Why? Why do militant atheists and secularists hate Christmas? It is for the same reason that they hate Israel. They hate God. 

That is not an overstatement. Christianity opposes many of the linchpins of secular socialism, and therefore, its influence (according to militant secularists) must be reduced to insignificance in public policy if the progressives are to progress. 

Some may object to this commentary on the grounds that it politicizes Christmas. Yet, if one reads the Christmas story in the gospels, one finds that it occurred in a very political context. 

The Three Wise Men were inhabitants of Persia, a land very distant from and very mysterious to, Rome. Persia’s only previous contacts with the west had been when the Persians had invaded with brutal military force. Yet, somehow, through divine means, these three men got word that there was born a King of the Jews, and that they must bring Him gifts. 

A newborn king? Of the Jews?  Why should the Persians care about a Jewish king?  After all, the Jews were a captive people of the Roman Empire, an empire inimical to the Persians. It was not that they thought the baby Jesus would overthrow the Romans, because naively, the wise men traveled straight into Jerusalem and entered the court of King Herod, the lion’s den, so to speak. 

Herod, of course, sought to murder Jesus, but the wise men had no idea of this. The degree of naiveté they displayed would be astonishing, until one considers that they were literally on a mission from God, not questioning their marching orders. 

The story continues with Herod summoning to his court the Jewish scholars, the scribes and Pharisees, the men who more than anyone would know about this newborn King of the Jews whom the Persians sought. 

And know of Him they did. The Jewish men of wisdom opened the scripture and, sure enough, there in plain view was the information which Herod sought. Baby Jesus was to be born, not in the splendid city of Jerusalem, as the Persian wise men had apparently assumed, but rather, in the humble and innocuous town of Bethlehem. 

It is here that we find an astonishing thing, on two counts. First, why did the Jewish scholars even tell Herod where to find the Messiah? Surely, they knew of his murderous intent. And secondly, why did they not themselves proceed with all haste to the little town to find and worship their newborn king? Did they not believe in their own religion? Why were wealthy, gentile foreigners, along with impoverished, illiterate shepherds, the first to find and worship Jesus? 

The rest of the story is better known, and it is celebrated in Christmas crèches throughout Christendom— yes, the same crèches that are so hated and despised by those who hate God. 

The same hatred and jealousy which incited Herod to commit mass murder upon babies in Bethlehem is the same hatred and jealousy which motivates modern day Herods to forbid the display of crèches which portray the first Christmas. It seems no coincidence that it is they who murder millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs to this day. 

I wish for Christmases past, when the focus was on Baby Jesus in His mother’s loving arms. I wish for the peaceful season of sharing love and joy with relatives and friends, for decorating the tree, and enjoying the sight of ribbon-festooned gifts, and savoring the rich aromas wafting from the kitchen. 

I wish even more for the bitter chill of a winter’s night in a small, cramped shed where dwelt sheep and oxen, where was born the child who would become the greatest man who ever lived, and ever will. 

I wish for peace and joy, but there is one problem with that, for I hear the sound of approaching boots, and the metallic sound of swords being drawn from their scabbards. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

Chris Christie Will be the Presidential Nominee — on the Democrat Ticket

by Robert Arvay

After speaking with my younger brother, I have had to admit that he may be smarter than me, at least about this. He perceives that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be the presidential nominee on the Democrat ticket.

If you do not closely follow news about state governors, it may not surprise you that Charlie Crist, former Republican governor of Florida, is running once again for his old office. What may surprise you is that he is now running as a Democrat. In 2010, Crist sought the Republican nomination for the US Senate — and failed. He failed because he had underestimated how badly he had ruined his credibility by literally embracing Barack Obama during a visit by the president, an embrace that he thought would endear him to moderates and independents. Crist discovered his mistake when he lost the Republican nomination for US Senator to Marco Rubio, who ran as a TEA Party favorite, and went on to defeat Democrat nominee Kendrick Meek in the general election.

The campaign had its strange moments. Before the primary election was held, Crist had publicly (but hesitantly) promised to support the Republican nominee, whomever that might be. It turned out that the promise depended on the definition of “whomever.” Apparently, it means, “Charlie Crist.”

When the nominee was not Crist, he went back on his promise, and ran for the senate as an Independent. Then, in a strange twist, Crist somehow persuaded Bill Clinton to ask Democrat Meek to withdraw from the race, so as to open the way for Crist to get the Democrat vote. Meek refused to withdraw, ran and as it turned out, Rubio won.

Crist is now seeking the Democrat nomination for governor, his third political identity in as many elections. Libertarian Party —watch out. You may be Crist’s next victim.

Governor Chris Christie has been positioning himself more carefully than Crist did. His move to the left is arguably far more open and honest than was Crist’s. Chris (it’s hard to keep the names straight—Chris, Christie, Crist) Christie has put a lot of daylight between himself and the TEA Party, and has publicly spoken out against conservative Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, among others. He refused to appoint a Republican as US Senator from New Jersey when the seat came open, a very rare move by any governor of any party. The seat then was won in an election by Democrat Cory Booker, giving a clear signal to the Democrat Party that he is not their ardent foe.

Christie’s strategy seems to be to, perhaps not quite literally, win the nominations of both major parties for the presidency. If he runs as a Republican, he will likely forfeit much of the good will he has lately sought from the Democrat Party. After all, as Christie well knows, Democrats have a way of taking all they can get, and then biting the hand that fed them. By openly switching parties, at the last possible moment, but not too late, Christie can capitalize on at least some of that good will, while at the same time, maintaining most of his support from Republicans.

The one major obstacle that Christie will have to overcome is Hillary Clinton, and perhaps more formidably, her husband Bill. (Okay, that’s two… Okay, one and a half.)

That obstacle may not be quite the mountain that at first it seems. If Christie can win the Obama camp over to his side (and he has indeed garnered some bona fides from them), he may be able to benefit from the not-so-subtle enmity between the Obamas and the Clintons.

That will make for some high political drama. The only reason that Hillary never became president is Barack Obama, who politically speaking came out of nowhere, a pardon the expression, dark horse candidate with utterly zero qualifications to hold the office. For Hillary, to have lost to a Kennedy or a Rockefeller would have been far less humiliating. To have lost to a nobody must have made her see red to this day.

Hillary no doubt made some deals with Obama. Had she not, she could have been a monkey wrench in the gears of the 2008 Obama campaign, a wrench that conceivably could have made McCain the winner. It must have taken a promise of far more than the senior cabinet seat to assuage her disappointment and resentment against Obama. Almost surely, Hillary has secured a promise of succession to the presidency once Obama vacates the oval office. Her tenure as Secretary of State was only the down payment, a resumee builder, one which gives her vastly more credentials than Obama has even to this day. Almost surely, Hillary has been promised, and will insist upon, Obama’s full throated support to win her the presidency in 2016. Nothing less than success will satisfy the commitment that Hillary Clinton feels has been guaranteed to her.

Enter Chris Christie.

By November of 2016, the Democrat Party will have suffered the slings and arrows of ObamaCare, as well as the festering wounds of other scandals (IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc) which could erupt unpredictably at the worst possible moment. Among Democrats, only a Chris Christie would be immune from all that. Democrat operatives from the Obama camp, even if not Obama himself, may or may not be wise enough to see that.

Obama himself might have cause to support Christie. First, there may by this time be little that Hillary could do to hurt Obama unless she becomes president, and “investigates” her predecessor, which she might do out of revenge. Also, there may be a great deal that a conservative Republican (Rand Paul, among others) could do to open the sewer of scandals in which the Obama camp is chin deep in stink. If the real truth about Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, and who knows what else — if the real truth is made public, then criminal prosecutions would become a real possibility.

If Christie knows that (and how could he not?), then he can make a very persuasive case to the Democrat power structure to support him for the nomination.

Charlie Crist, observe how a professional does it.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer