Shades of Gray – Davis, That Is

by Robert Arvay 

After nearly five years as governor of California, Gray Davis was ousted from office in a recall election in 2003. While many reasons are given for the citizen outrage that dethroned him, chief among them is the fact that many voters felt that the governor had deliberately misrepresented the state’s financial condition. On the day before his reelection to a second term, Davis was still saying that the state was solvent. On the day after the election, he revealed that, oops, the state was essentially bankrupt. As one commentator put it, the reaction of the voters was, “Hey, wait a minute – you lied to us.” 

Ten years later, a sitting US president is in a similar fix. His unqualified promise that under his Affordable Care Act, “you can keep your health insurance [and your doctor], period,” has now been altered so that the word period means, “and if you believe that, I can sell you a bridge to nowhere in Brooklyn.” 

The citizen outrage against Davis took political shape in the form of a movement that has since been compared to the modern-day TEA Party movement. It was not, however, a unique or original phenomenon. Many grassroots movements had come before it. The recall election was noteworthy in that it mobilized a largely liberal voter bloc to reject a largely liberal governor whom they had reelected just days before. They would probably have turned him out of office only days after the reelection, but the recall process took about ten months. 

Barak Obama now says that he “could have been more clear,” in his promise about keeping your insurance. Hmm. Let’s see, now, oh yes. He could have been more clear by adding the word, “not,” after the words, “you can.” 

Gray Davis could have been more clear about California’s fiscal condition by adding the words, “and we’re broke.” 

Neither of these men were clear. Liberals do not deal in clarity. They consider it intolerant to use ‘clear” words such as the word, “truth,” which to them is all but a matter of personal opinion. 

They prefer, instead, to use words that are ambiguous. To liberals, there is neither good nor evil, neither truth nor falsehood, neither right nor wrong, but only shades of gray – as in Gray Davis.

 Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Veterans Day 2013: Our Debt to the Wounded

by Cap Black
Exclusive To The Bold Pursuit

From the colonists to the latest combatant in the asymmetrical “War on Terror,” Americans have taken up arms in defense of this land.

In 2013, many of the 9/11 era of vets find themselves disproportionately in need of mental health, employment and housing assistance, after risking all for this bountiful land.

I’m sure some clinical Pentagon war planners will dismiss this toll as acceptable within the margins of the mission thrust upon America after September 11, 2001.

I’m not blaming nameless war planners because such cold calculus is the stuff of victories and maintaining national defense.

Instead, I think about a former Force Recon Marine I met: a tragic mix of strength and vulnerability in the wake of his service in the War on Terror.

I watched a young man, whose physical strength and war fighting skills were plainly obvious, now needing counseling and medication to comfort his tortured spirit.

His pain should become all our pain because he freely offered himself in the prime of life to defend lives of people he’s never met.

The War on Terror will be a fixture of American life and national defense strategy for the foreseeable future and the public must be loud and organized in demanding the best care for wounded warriors, whose wounds often are on the soul and not necessarily physical.

Veterans Day 2013 finds me thinking about this tortured young man and millions of men (and increasingly) women who’ve become veterans in this twilight battle against a genocidal ideology which few imagined we’d one day fight!

Cap Black is a One Man Street Patrol of urban and inner city areas and the coordinator of the Home Defense Foundation of New Orleans.

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit®

APOLOGIES NOT ACCEPTED – Letter to the Editor

Barrack Obama has been apologizing for the enormous number of health insurance policy cancellations that were caused by Obamacare. He says that he is sorry. It’s just another lie. Apologies not accepted.

The Obama administration had three years to write regulations for a smooth transition. Instead, Obama and his administration wrote regulations that they knew would force insurance companies to cancel policies.

It is a repeat of the nasty pattern of Obama and his administration in 2010. About six months after he signed the Obamacare bill into law, insurance companies started cancelling the health insurance policies of tens of thousands of sick children who had health insurance policies. The insurance companies were given a deadline for a decision to either cancel those policies or continue to cover the children with new rules that might bankrupt the insurance companies.

Obamacare – aka the Affordable Care Act – is not about affordable care. It is about a federal government grab for power over people in a most fascist way.

I am a Democrat. I am a former elected Democrat precinct committeeman. Here is my view. Obama is not an American Democrat. Obama is an American Fascist.

Woodrow Wilcox
Griffith, Indiana

A Dismal Prospect, A Warning to Prepare

by Robert Arvay

There is no shortage of anti-statist, that is, anti-Obama, commentary in today’s political literature. There is no lack of clarity in condemning an immoral economic policy in which the nation spends money that it does not have, borrows more than it can repay, and prints so much more money (this is called counterfeiting) that it devalues whatever is left over. What could be more obvious than that such a policy is a sure-fire plan for national destruction? The obviousness is especially true considering that the warnings have been sounded loudly and repeatedly over the past five years.

Nor are the failings of the administration merely economic. They encompass the broadest possible range of corruption.

It seems that no one could have failed to pay heed. Yet, so few people pay attention, that it seems these warnings are falling on deaf ears. That in itself is alarming. In wondering when the American people will finally open their eyes and see the obvious power-grab of a would-be tyrant, and stop him— in wondering that, I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that it may be never. The truth tends not to dawn on people who are abysmally and willfully ignorant. It does not dawn, but eventually, it does finally explode— explode in the literal sense of bombs and artillery.

While pondering this, I decided to search the literature of the past century, to see what warnings, if any, had been written about the rise of another tyrant. I did not find the exact commentaries, but I did find this information about anti-Nazi writers, who had been forced to leave Germany just as Hitler came to power:

Quoting from Anti-Nazi Writers in Exile, by Egbert Krispyn, copyright 1978, University of Georgia Press. . . .

.…Even though the exiles saw the true nature of the Hitler dictatorship . . . . they grossly misjudged the staying power of the new German regime. Most of the writers who had been forced to leave the country during the first months of 1933 assumed that their banishment would not last long. They could simply not imagine that a government which had so blatantly demonstrated its utter contempt for the basic principles of justice and political morality would be able to stay in power for any length of time. The exiles persuaded themselves and each other that it was a matter of a few weeks or at most some months before the German people would come to their senses and put an end to the fascist reign of terror. Most emigrants therefore embarked on their odyssey much as if it were a kind of involuntary holiday. Klaus Mann was a typical example in this respect. He packed only one or two suitcases and took nothing with him except two suits, some underwear, a few books, and his manuscripts.
[End quote]

Two lines of the foregoing quote are particularly chilling:

1. . . . .they grossly misjudged the staying power. . . .
2. They could simply not imagine that a government which had so blatantly demonstrated its utter contempt for the basic principles of justice and political morality would be able to stay in power for any length of time.

Who among us thought that the United States could ever elect to the presidency a man whose every political statement screamed of Marxist extremism? Who thought that he could ever be elected twice? Most of all, perhaps, who thought that the American people would permit major laws to be passed by Congress, laws that had never been read by those who voted for them, and which exempted Congress itself from any duty to obey those laws? Who among us could have conceived that the American electorate would tolerate the long and comprehensive series of scandals, abuses and yes, crimes, of which the Obama administration is patently guilty? Who foresaw the staying power of the radical left?

The German people never did come to their senses until finally, after years of bloody brutal war, they had been literally bombed into submission at the cost of millions of their lives, and tens of millions of other lives. Only when the conquering boots of their foreign enemies trod their soil, only when their cities were empty shells, only when the people verged on starvation unto death— only then did they confront the errors of their ways, and surrender.

Fortunately for the German people, their enemies, although imperfectly so, were humane, civilized, and just. Had the Germans been instead conquered by their Japanese partners in crime, the German people would have been enslaved, tortured and murdered on a scale comparable to that with which the Japanese tormented their previous victims.

America has no potential conqueror to which we can surrender if we expect anything resembling humane treatment. We will not be lifted from the ashes of defeat, as were Germany and Japan, who did not rise from the ashes, but were lifted.

Our fate will be that of the rebellious Roman slaves who followed Spartacus, a fate so hideous that many committed suicide to avoid it.

America’s only hope, I fear, is not to trust its statist citizens to come to their senses (they won’t), but rather, for its patriots to prepare for the inevitable descent of their nation into tyranny.

Resistance will be the only hope. I know not what form that will take, nor what is the likelihood of success. I know only that it may be the only hope we will have.

I wish I could say in detail just how one should prepare, but in that regard, I can offer only this advice: pack more than two suitcases.

What’s Left to Say?

by Robert Arvay

In looking over several recent commentaries by conservative writers, I would feel like a plagiarist were I to write my own thoughts on American society. There is nothing unique about my insights, and certainly nothing clever in pointing out what so many others have said before me, and said it better than me.

Well, there is one thing. In watching a video of Obama defending his so-called Affordable Care Act, I focused not so much on him, as on the backdrop of his adoring supporters standing behind him, who were applauding and cheering his every lie, his every excuse, and his every deflection from the issue.

As I watched these mindless, gullible people, I had the urge to yell at them, “Why?” Why do you believe him? Why do you continue to ignore his unbroken record of broken promises? Why do you continue to give him the benefit of every doubt for every excuse he makes, long after every doubt has been removed?

Why do you ignore (or remain ignorant of) his associations with a convicted real estate swindler, a domestic terrorist and a chief of staff who boasted that he lets ‘no good crisis go to waste’?

Why don’t you demand substantive answers to serious questions about running guns into Mexico, about the murder of a US Border Patrol Agent and the murders of four Americans in Benghazi while Obama played politics with their lives?

Why don’t you ask for the truth regarding the IRS scandals and NSA spying on Americans?

It has become clear that the problem is not Obama. It is the large proportion of American citizens who are easily duped into blindly following a charismatic leader despite the mountain of evidence that, as US Representative Joe Wilson, SC2, told Obama to his face, in public, “You lie.”

The problem is with an American public that tolerates its laws being passed by so-called representatives who have never so much as read what is in the law, much less understood it, nor applied the law to themselves.

The problem is not that Obama is disengaged from his own presidency, but rather, that a huge proportion of American voters are so disengaged from citizenship that they have little or no clue as to what is in the US Constitution.

And finally, the problem is with me. I should do more than just write about these issues; I should be going to the locations where Obama gives speeches, where he tells his lies, and loudly ask the audience, “When will you ever learn?”

The fact that it would probably do no good, is no excuse for not trying. Maybe, before long, I will finally get to that point. I hope so. For now, I merely write.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer