Where Are We?

by Robert Arvay


Obama-care has brought us to the proverbial fork in the road. It is taking us to new extremes of government power and abuse. Its central principle is that everyone’s health insurance must conform to the government’s idea of what constitutes a “good” health care policy.


While liberals like to compare it to mandatory automobile liability insurance, there is no comparison. Were the principles of Obama-care applied to auto insurance, we would all be forced to have the same insurance for our Dodge Darts as for a cross-country eighteen-wheel tractor-trailer.


It gets worse. Health requirements are not only highly personal, highly individualized sets of needs and solutions; they are also closely related to one’s religious beliefs.


Abortion and birth control are two obvious issues. So-called sex-change surgery is another. There could eventually be more issues, including such things as circumcision, diet, and even gun ownership, all of which have at one time or another been openly mentioned by public officials as important matters related to health care.


We are a predominantly Christian nation, but we are presently governed by people who are openly hostile to even the mere mention of God in a government-related setting. They represent not us, but a radical fringe composed of atheist and Moslem fanatics who view the Constitution as an obstruction to the implementation of their tyrannical goals.


One present trend in government control of our health is to force everyone to subsidize elective abortion— any abortion, anytime, for any pretext, at taxpayer expense. This applies not only to using our tax money for purposes that may violate our religion, it also trends toward forcing all healthcare personnel to participate materially in the performance of abortions, their conscience be damned.


We are at a fork in the road, one which we should have avoided long ago. Soon, the government will have so much power that no one will be able to buy or sell without government approval, permission, or compulsion.


We will have traded our freedom for free things, only to discover that the price of free things is much more terrible than is the terrible price of freedom


I am not a Catholic, but I applaud the church for its principled stand against abortion. At the same time, I criticize it for not having taken an equally principled stand for freedom, when the church insisted (albeit indirectly) that charity to the poor is a governmental responsibility to be enforced by confiscatory tax policy.


As far as I am aware, Jesus never spoke of charity to the poor in terms of bureaucracy, but in personal terms only. The Good Samaritan gave from his own purse; he did not seek a government agency to provide for the unfortunate from someone else’s purse.


That, however, is the path we have traveled, and that is the path that has brought us to the fateful fork in the road which we are now facing. The easy path, the seemingly smooth path of obedience and acquiescence, will lead us to the earthly hell of tyranny. The other path is rocky, thorny, and all uphill, but it leads to the God-given freedoms for which so very many of our forebears have paid in their own blood.


This is where we are.


Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad


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