The President lied outright and he lied maliciously – Letter to the Editor

On Friday November 8, President Obama was speaking in Miami Florida when he began another of his tirades against the TEA Party labeling us as “a small faction” and telling Democrats in attendance (it was a democratic fundraiser) that Republicans will have a price to pay for defying the American populace. He ramped it up by saying that we “will not act on the basic interests of the American people”. 

Here something to consider – Due to the PPACA (ObamaCare), approximately 5 million people will lose their health insurance by spring of next year. When the large company and union mandate delay expires next October, another 12+ million working Americans will lose their insurance. All of these Americans will find themselves having to obtain more costly insurance as a result of a law passed by a very small faction of our legislature using sleight of hand and manipulation of their own rules. They passed this bill without reading it while making the asinine claim that they “had to pass it so we can read it to find out what is in it”.

President Obama sold the bill on the basis that it would only affect the “small faction” of Americans who needed protection because they were unable to obtain Health Insurance.  Additionally, he continually misstated that they were unable to obtain HEALTH CARE.  This is just not true.  Everyone who goes to a hospital in America obtains HEALTH CARE, regardless of their ability to pay and it is just about the best care available in the world. 

What this “small faction” lacks is access to HEALTH INSURANCE and that is a completely different issue. President Obama sold the concept of health insurance for everyone with the PPACA by stating over and over that for the vast majority of Americans who have health insurance, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.  PERIOD. Nobody is going to take it away”  “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period”.  He and his small faction of ideologue zealots told this over and over to the American people.

Now we have read the bill and now we, the majority of Americans are seeing the truth. REGARDLESS of whether Americans like their plan, their doctor and even if the plan hasn’t changed they are losing their insurance and are being forced into the ObamaCare collectives at higher cost and lower quality insurance plans. Is this acting on the basic interest of the American People?

So much for truth from the office of the Chief Executive and so much for the will of the people. The President lied outright and he lied maliciously because he knew that the vast majority of the American people would not accept the government takeover of health insurance if the plan were truthfully explained.

So, let’s not fret about who is or isn’t truly the “small faction” or to what degree the President lied. Let’s accept the facts and show the president that the majority of Americans have the basic interests of America in their hearts and minds.  It is time for the majority    true blue American Patriots —  to stand up and rally the support of your friends and neighbors to tell Obama that we ARE NOT a small minority. We are the majority common sense voice of America and we will be heard.

Roger Pol


Roger Pol is a lifelong entrepreneur who over a 30-year career has developed numerous real estate projects in Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, and Tennessee. He is the founder of the World Distance Learning Institute, an international post-secondary education access point, and the founder and CEO of the Ownership Recovery Company of America.

One thought on “The President lied outright and he lied maliciously – Letter to the Editor

  1. In my view, it is unconstitutional for the Congress to give power to the executive to pass laws in the form of regulations. No regulation should take effect until the Congress votes it into law. The ACA violates separation of powers by giving the executive virtually limitless powers to amend the law without Congressional approval.

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