APOLOGIES NOT ACCEPTED – Letter to the Editor

Barrack Obama has been apologizing for the enormous number of health insurance policy cancellations that were caused by Obamacare. He says that he is sorry. It’s just another lie. Apologies not accepted.

The Obama administration had three years to write regulations for a smooth transition. Instead, Obama and his administration wrote regulations that they knew would force insurance companies to cancel policies.

It is a repeat of the nasty pattern of Obama and his administration in 2010. About six months after he signed the Obamacare bill into law, insurance companies started cancelling the health insurance policies of tens of thousands of sick children who had health insurance policies. The insurance companies were given a deadline for a decision to either cancel those policies or continue to cover the children with new rules that might bankrupt the insurance companies.

Obamacare – aka the Affordable Care Act – is not about affordable care. It is about a federal government grab for power over people in a most fascist way.

I am a Democrat. I am a former elected Democrat precinct committeeman. Here is my view. Obama is not an American Democrat. Obama is an American Fascist.

Woodrow Wilcox
Griffith, Indiana

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