A Dismal Prospect, A Warning to Prepare

by Robert Arvay

There is no shortage of anti-statist, that is, anti-Obama, commentary in today’s political literature. There is no lack of clarity in condemning an immoral economic policy in which the nation spends money that it does not have, borrows more than it can repay, and prints so much more money (this is called counterfeiting) that it devalues whatever is left over. What could be more obvious than that such a policy is a sure-fire plan for national destruction? The obviousness is especially true considering that the warnings have been sounded loudly and repeatedly over the past five years.

Nor are the failings of the administration merely economic. They encompass the broadest possible range of corruption.

It seems that no one could have failed to pay heed. Yet, so few people pay attention, that it seems these warnings are falling on deaf ears. That in itself is alarming. In wondering when the American people will finally open their eyes and see the obvious power-grab of a would-be tyrant, and stop him— in wondering that, I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that it may be never. The truth tends not to dawn on people who are abysmally and willfully ignorant. It does not dawn, but eventually, it does finally explode— explode in the literal sense of bombs and artillery.

While pondering this, I decided to search the literature of the past century, to see what warnings, if any, had been written about the rise of another tyrant. I did not find the exact commentaries, but I did find this information about anti-Nazi writers, who had been forced to leave Germany just as Hitler came to power:

Quoting from Anti-Nazi Writers in Exile, by Egbert Krispyn, copyright 1978, University of Georgia Press. . . .

.…Even though the exiles saw the true nature of the Hitler dictatorship . . . . they grossly misjudged the staying power of the new German regime. Most of the writers who had been forced to leave the country during the first months of 1933 assumed that their banishment would not last long. They could simply not imagine that a government which had so blatantly demonstrated its utter contempt for the basic principles of justice and political morality would be able to stay in power for any length of time. The exiles persuaded themselves and each other that it was a matter of a few weeks or at most some months before the German people would come to their senses and put an end to the fascist reign of terror. Most emigrants therefore embarked on their odyssey much as if it were a kind of involuntary holiday. Klaus Mann was a typical example in this respect. He packed only one or two suitcases and took nothing with him except two suits, some underwear, a few books, and his manuscripts.
[End quote]

Two lines of the foregoing quote are particularly chilling:

1. . . . .they grossly misjudged the staying power. . . .
2. They could simply not imagine that a government which had so blatantly demonstrated its utter contempt for the basic principles of justice and political morality would be able to stay in power for any length of time.

Who among us thought that the United States could ever elect to the presidency a man whose every political statement screamed of Marxist extremism? Who thought that he could ever be elected twice? Most of all, perhaps, who thought that the American people would permit major laws to be passed by Congress, laws that had never been read by those who voted for them, and which exempted Congress itself from any duty to obey those laws? Who among us could have conceived that the American electorate would tolerate the long and comprehensive series of scandals, abuses and yes, crimes, of which the Obama administration is patently guilty? Who foresaw the staying power of the radical left?

The German people never did come to their senses until finally, after years of bloody brutal war, they had been literally bombed into submission at the cost of millions of their lives, and tens of millions of other lives. Only when the conquering boots of their foreign enemies trod their soil, only when their cities were empty shells, only when the people verged on starvation unto death— only then did they confront the errors of their ways, and surrender.

Fortunately for the German people, their enemies, although imperfectly so, were humane, civilized, and just. Had the Germans been instead conquered by their Japanese partners in crime, the German people would have been enslaved, tortured and murdered on a scale comparable to that with which the Japanese tormented their previous victims.

America has no potential conqueror to which we can surrender if we expect anything resembling humane treatment. We will not be lifted from the ashes of defeat, as were Germany and Japan, who did not rise from the ashes, but were lifted.

Our fate will be that of the rebellious Roman slaves who followed Spartacus, a fate so hideous that many committed suicide to avoid it.

America’s only hope, I fear, is not to trust its statist citizens to come to their senses (they won’t), but rather, for its patriots to prepare for the inevitable descent of their nation into tyranny.

Resistance will be the only hope. I know not what form that will take, nor what is the likelihood of success. I know only that it may be the only hope we will have.

I wish I could say in detail just how one should prepare, but in that regard, I can offer only this advice: pack more than two suitcases.

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