What’s Left to Say?

by Robert Arvay

In looking over several recent commentaries by conservative writers, I would feel like a plagiarist were I to write my own thoughts on American society. There is nothing unique about my insights, and certainly nothing clever in pointing out what so many others have said before me, and said it better than me.

Well, there is one thing. In watching a video of Obama defending his so-called Affordable Care Act, I focused not so much on him, as on the backdrop of his adoring supporters standing behind him, who were applauding and cheering his every lie, his every excuse, and his every deflection from the issue.

As I watched these mindless, gullible people, I had the urge to yell at them, “Why?” Why do you believe him? Why do you continue to ignore his unbroken record of broken promises? Why do you continue to give him the benefit of every doubt for every excuse he makes, long after every doubt has been removed?

Why do you ignore (or remain ignorant of) his associations with a convicted real estate swindler, a domestic terrorist and a chief of staff who boasted that he lets ‘no good crisis go to waste’?

Why don’t you demand substantive answers to serious questions about running guns into Mexico, about the murder of a US Border Patrol Agent and the murders of four Americans in Benghazi while Obama played politics with their lives?

Why don’t you ask for the truth regarding the IRS scandals and NSA spying on Americans?

It has become clear that the problem is not Obama. It is the large proportion of American citizens who are easily duped into blindly following a charismatic leader despite the mountain of evidence that, as US Representative Joe Wilson, SC2, told Obama to his face, in public, “You lie.”

The problem is with an American public that tolerates its laws being passed by so-called representatives who have never so much as read what is in the law, much less understood it, nor applied the law to themselves.

The problem is not that Obama is disengaged from his own presidency, but rather, that a huge proportion of American voters are so disengaged from citizenship that they have little or no clue as to what is in the US Constitution.

And finally, the problem is with me. I should do more than just write about these issues; I should be going to the locations where Obama gives speeches, where he tells his lies, and loudly ask the audience, “When will you ever learn?”

The fact that it would probably do no good, is no excuse for not trying. Maybe, before long, I will finally get to that point. I hope so. For now, I merely write.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer

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