Obama-Car (Not Care – Car)

by Robert Arvay

News item (fake, at least for now):  Obama-Car – yes, that’s right, not ObamaCARE, but Obama-CAR, is the next major initiative of the government.

Obama will require that every American must purchase a brand new car. If you like the car you already have – you’ve heard that crap before, haven’t you? You can keep your car, but you will be fined – unless you buy an Obama-Car.

The Obama-Car will run on solar and wind power, or maybe its solar-wind-power, and fish guts. Parts for the car will be supplied by Solyndra, Fisker and a consortium of companies from China, Russia, Syria, Libya and Kenya …

Responding to people who complain at the $2 million cost of the vehicle, Obama replied by saying that the cars already owned by Americans are “crummy.” The Obama-Car is much, much better. For one thing, it seats fifty people comfortably.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

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